Summary:  A list of values that you can put in the first line of your reply e-mail and have the variables changed when the e-mail is received by the KACE appliance.


Clearing a ticket field using email

You can empty any field with this syntax: @fieldname=. For example this entry:


empties the due date field.

Changing ticket fields using email

Users can change the following ticket attributes using an email message if the value of the ticket field is set to User Modify. (For information on changing a ticket field permissions, see “Setting up approvals for tickets,” on page 81 of your Amin guide.)

@category Enter a valid category.

 @cc_list Enter a comma-separated list of email addresses.

 @due_date Enter a date. The date can be in any format. For example, 2/

3/2004, Next Friday, or February 3, 2004.

@impact Enter a valid ticket impact.

@owner Enter the owner's user name, full name, or email address.

@priority Enter a valid ticket priority.

@resolution Enter a resolution.

@status Enter a valid ticket status.

 @submitter Enter the submitter's user name, full name, or email

address. If the specified name does not match an existing user, and if the queue has Accept email from unknown users check box selected, a new user is created. If you think that this might happen, you can include both a full name and an email address. For example, Joe User

@title Enter a title for the ticket.