Summary:  You receive an error message that states your is expired and you know that it is valid.  You know that your license is valid.

Issue:  You receive the following notification:

Your license has expired.

Contact for an updated license key that can be used to reactivate your appliance.

License Summary: Product: K2000
Version: 3.4.54256

Status: Expired
Expires:  (Varies by customer)
Activation Status: Usage Exceeded
Modules: Deployment Appliance
Seats: 300
Used Seats: 0

Add License Key

License Key:
Status: Valid
Expires: Never
Modules: Deployment Appliance
Seats: 300

Resolution:  You have exceeded the instances of Virtual Machines.  You can only deploy up to three instances of the virtual appliance.  You must remove one instance and wait twelve hours to allow the license to update.   If you require more than three instances of your KACE Appliance, please contact KACE Sales at