KACE SDA Benchmark Big Numbers

Running The KACE SDA Benchmark can be quite enlightening, and as we like to share in the KACE community,

we thought you might like to see a couple of big numbers taken from our current SDA Benchmark Survey.

That is the current, average Benchmark score of customers completing the survey.

Scored out of 5, we have been really encouraged and impressed by the level of expertise and knowledge of SDA Customers

and the usage of functionality within the KACE customer community.

When asked on a scale of 1 -  10 "how much value do you feel you get out of your SDA", the average chosen level we have seen is 8.7 or 87%.

This tells us that if you use your SDA, it is clearly an effective and valuable part of your IT support armoury.

Why not see how you measure up, just click here 

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KACE Cloud MDM - Overview of Label Management

Here is a brief overview of Label Management within the KACE Cloud MDM.   https://youtu.be/lV8HtTn7dr4 

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KACE Cloud MDM - Overview on Managed Configuration for iOS

Here is a brief overview of the Managed Configuration for iOS within the KACE Cloud MDM.   https://youtu.be/j4pYUBlns0U 

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KACE Boot Kamp 2019

Classrooms in a city near you!

Don’t miss the fun and educational event that will enable you to not only extract maximum benefit from your KACE Appliance, but also gain advice for using KACE in your environment — directly from the experts. You'll also get to know your fellow users in the local KACE community, and in many cases- attendees benefit from minimal travel expenses and time away from the office.

We want you to learn all the latest tricks and tips for using your KACE Systems Management Appliance. That’s why we’re bringing our popular training to you. Register today for multiple days of instructor-led training that will refresh or enhance your skill set and empower you to save even more time and money with your KACE Systems Management Appliance.

Is Backyard Boot Kamp right for you?

Backyard Boot Kamp is designed specifically for new users, or those desiring a skills refresh. They are not generally intended for advanced KACE users. Backyard Boot Kamp training is usually best attended by:

  • New team members who did not attend their company's initial training
  • Customers seeking overall product knowledge
  • Customers who haven't used the appliance in some time
  • Customers that prefer to practice and learn in a non-production environment
  • Customers preparing to implement new features that were previously not in use
  • Customers seeking to gain new knowledge and experience

Training Topics:

  • Agent & Agentless Inventory
  • Label Management
  • Software Distribution
  • Patch & Update Management
  • Assets Management
  • Security
  • User Console
  • Service Desk
  • Scripting
  • Reporting
  • And More!

Backyard Boot Kamp Dates and Location:




March 5-8


14205 North MoPac Express Way, Suite 500,
Austin, Texas 78728

April 9-12


1000 Abernathy Road NE, Building 400, Suite 194,
Atlanta, Georgia 30328

May 21-24


2200 North Central Avenue, Suite 400,
Phoenix, Arizona 85004

June 18-21

  Salt Lake City  

1148 West Legacy Crossing Blvd., Suite 200,
Centerville, Utah 84014

July 9-12 


222 North Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 1240,
El Segundo, California 90245

July 30-2


5430 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway, Three Lincoln Centre Tower, Suite 300,
Dallas, Texas 75240

August 20-23


25 Burlington Mall Road, Suite 204,
Burlington, Massachusetts 01803

Interested in learning more?

Checkout http://www.kacebootkamp.com or contact your sales representative for more info.

Looking for something more focused, or on your appliance? Consulting and Remote Implementation can be remotely delivered and customized to fit your goals. For additional information, please email bootkamp@quest.com


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KACE Cloud MDM - Restriction Management

Here is a brief video on how to Manage Device Restrictions in the KACE Cloud MDM   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWU1DafbfYs 

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