Summary:  Some customers have called in with a concern that Appdeploy/ITninja will gather their KACE information.


AppDeploy/ITNinja is a resource sponsored by Dell KACE and the AppDeploy Live feature allows you to share (and receive) information from Dell KACE customers and other members of the AppDeploy/ITNinja user community.

The only data that will be shared is anonymous software inventory records (you can choose to hide or share such records individually). If you choose, there is also an option to share associated command-line syntax used for installation of applications on an individual basis. No other information is shared with the AppDeploy/ITNinja community.

It's a very powerful feature and one that our customers have definitely come to rely on. (As you know, the world of software installation is an arcane and murky one!). To enable the AppDeploy Live feature, go to Settings>General Settings and check the box.  See the screenshot below: