Summary:  The patch listing shows a blank list and I know I have patches loaded.  What's going on?

Issue:  The patch listing page is blank. 

Resolution:  The patch listing wil default view to the year.  Since no patches have been released for 2014, the listing is blank as the the view set is by year (2013).


For 5.3 and 5.4 K1000 Appliances:

Your current view is set for year versus all patches.  Do the following to get a listing of patches:

1.  Click Security>Patch Listing.

2.  Change the View By dropdown to to All Patches (or to a previous year) and the page will fill with a patch listing.


For 5.5 K1000 Appliances:

The All Patches view will intially be blank.  Please do the following to resolve the issue:

1.  Click Click Security>Patch Listing.  No patches will be listed.

2. Change the View By Dropdown to Year and select 2013.  Patches will now list.

3.Change the View By Dropdown back to All Patches and the list of patches will remain.