Challenge: our IT staff wanted more from the service desk ticket view.  We wanted to be able to see multiple queues quickly, have priority take center stage, and eliminate columns not necessary.   The built in layout customizer just was not getting there.  In addition, we also wanted to see dashboard level stats on our service desk; i.e. tickets currently open, open by department, and closed per queue by month.   


The solution: Twitter Bootstrap for Kace Service Desk with HighCharts javascript

We used the built in Dell Kace MySQL query account to run quires directly from the KBox.  The quires were created via the service desk using the custom report module or via FlySpeed SQL application.  Once we had the quires we simply embedded them in PHP and wrapped the results around the CSS framework Bootstrap. Chart presentation is being handled by the Javascript framework HighCharts.  Together, we have a solution that allows us to focus on the columns we want to see, view multiple queues, and get a snapshot of how the service desk is doing via a high level dashboard.  


The code: I am certainly not an expert programmer, so feel free to make any changes you deem appropriate.  You will certainly have to customize which queue(s) you are querying.  Aside from that, it should work.  


Get the code here:


Let me know what you think. 

EDIT: 8.31.2016 most recent code can be found here: (thank you Matt for contributing to the project).