Just wanted to share a neat integration between Custom Assets and Custom Ticket Rules found within the Service desk.  

The custom assets are great and can be used in many different ways.  However, they don't have the native ability for email notification.  

We have a custom asset called Extended Loan, which we use for checking equipment in and out; we don't do a lot of equipment rentals so we don't have a need for anything super sophisticated like WebCheckout (which we do use in a department that lends equipment out all day long).  Our Extended Loan asset is fairly basic:

* Name
* Date Issued 
* Return Date
* Computer
* Projector
* Tablet
* Issued to email
* Issued to phone
* Requested By
* Requested By Department
* Notes

When an extended loan is issued, we key it into the Kace.  


We then have a Kace service desk Custom Ticket Rule that runs daily to check and see if any Extended Loans have been issued within the last 24 hours.  If it finds one, we generate an email to the Issued to email with all the details associated with the loan as well as our boilerplate if you break it you buy it text.  

One day prior to the return, we have another Custom Ticket Rule that runs and notifies the person with the equipment, and the IT team, that the extended loan is due back tomorrow; included within is the boilerplate text.  This serves as a great reminder to them, but more importantly to us so we make sure we get the equipment back.  

The hardest part was developing the SQL queries, which I did within FlySpeed but once that was figuired it we were good to go.