Although I am fairly new to Kace (k1000 user for two years), it is obvious that Kace is what you make it.  You can have a great, structured and organized implementation or a terrible implementation with poor naming conventions, badly named labels, etc.  

The guides and bootKamps are great for helping one construct a good envirnoment and ITNinja is also great for solving problems and learning tips.  

But since Kace is what you make it, I have have often found that seeing what other companies do with it to be more informative and in some instances directly applicable to our implementation.  That being said, perhaps Dell Kace should offer customer focused lunch and learn presentations (webex) where one given customer highlights their implementation and key configurations (scripts, service desk rules, custom inventory, etc.) that really make their Kbox work for them.  

Granted I understand that in some cases, companies may not be able to share their Kace implementation from a privacy point of view.  Certainly I am concerned about privacy as well, but could blur out areas of the screen that contain information I would not want disclosed.  

For example, I might talk about the dashboard we created or using the service desk custom rules to interact with custom assets.  

Again, I am new to Kace so perhaps this already exists or was done previously.  

What do you think?