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Applying Data Mining Techniques to the Dell Kace K1000

Hello ITNinja Community - I need your help with research paper # 2 associated with the K1...that might actually help you...keep reading

I wanted to share with everyone a research paper I wrote titled Applying Data Mining Techniques to the Dell Kace K1000 Systems Management Appliance in order to Identify Elusive Computer Objects.  I wrote this paper after preliminary findings indicated that data mining could be applied to one's Dell Kace K1000 to identify objects that are similar to other objects, but fall outside of the classical smart labeling approach for some reason or another.  The specific technique I used falls into the realm of supervised learning, which basically means a subject matter expert is required to seed the data mining algorithm by pre-classifying object association.  My research concludes that indeed data mining is possible within the appliance, highlights some potential implications of having a data mining algorithm in place, and argues for further research in this area.  

Specifically, I am going to work towards implementing an approach that uses unsupervised learning.  I am envisioning, when run against one's K1000 DB (like the Twitter Bootstrap for Kace Service Desk companion project (shameless plug http://www.itninja.com/blog/view/twitter-bootstrap-for-kace-service-desk)), the algorithm would allow one to use dynamic object classification that evolves as one's environment does.  For example, you could say, install this application on machines that are like a prototypical object and then adjust the likeness value.  Of course this is hypothetical at this point as I haven't implemented the model yet.  

Here is a link to the research paper that highlights the supervised learning approach. (feedback is welcome)

That being said, I only have access to my data model and would need access to other customer's DBs to test out my algorithm; I know, no easy feat.  If you are interested in collaborating, please feel free to contact me directly.  Thanks, Jay
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Uninstall Bomgar Jumpclient on MACs

***If I missed the documentation on how to do this, please post it in the comments as I could not find it***

Since we could not locate information on how to uninstall the BomgarJump Client on our MACs, we made it up.  

Why are we doing this?
Originally we pushed out the MAC Bomgar JumpClient via Kace, using the instructions provided by Bomgar.  It worked, but each install create a separate software entry within our Kace appliance (as described here http://www.itninja.com/question/installing-and-maintaining-bomgar-jump-clients-via-the-k1000).  In addition, our appliance kept on trying to install the software as what was installed on the client was not identical to the software entry (see link above) in which we originally linked up the payload to.  This resulted in our clients having multiple Bomgar Jumpclients being installed.  

So we wrote this script to remove all Bomgar instances on a client computer, and figured we would contact Bomgar support for an updated process so we do not reproduce the issue. 

for KILLPID in `ps ax | grep 'bomg*' | awk ' { print $1;}'`; do 
  kill -9 $KILLPID;
rm -rf /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.bomgar.bomgar-ps-*
rm -rf /Library/LaunchAgents/com.bomgar.bomgar-scc*
rm -rf /Users/Shared/bomgar-scc-*

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Sharing our customer satisfaction survey

Good morning everyone,  

I would like to share with the community a customer satisfaction survey based on the critical dimensions of quality for services based industries.  

Critical Dimensions of quality for services:

  • time and timeliness: how long must a customer wait for service and is it completed on time
  • Completeness: is everything the customer asked for provided?
  • Courtesy: how are customers treated by employees?
  • Consistency: is the same level of service provided to each customer each time
  • Accessibility and convenience: how easy is it to obtain the service?
  • Accuracy: is the service performed right every time?
  • Responsiveness: how well does the company react to unusual situations?


We are looking to implement a balanced scorecard approach when it comes to better understanding the quality of service we are providing.  Currently we have quantitative data on how many tickets, from where we are closing but we don’t have any qualitative information about how successfully we were from a customer service perspective.  That being said, we are going to institute a customer satisfaction survey.  Our long term goal is to produce quarterly/ annual reports and actions taken to correct issues that are identified or opportunities presented.  

Timing and selection:

Our survey is tied into our service desk and emails customers every Thursday at 9am; we selected Thursday as, we hypothesized, people are in better moods as they can almost see the weekend yet are far enough away as to still be in work mode.  On Thursday at 9am, we run a query to randomly select 20 tickets closed within the last 7 days (excluding SPAM) without duplication of customers; i.e. we do not send a specific person the survey more than once in a given week.  The email they receive is designed to entice them to complete the survey.  

The Email:

Subjet of Survey: Help <insert name of IT group> IT Improve | Complete this Survey!

Body of email:


Are we (<name of IT group>) Superheros or Superzeros?  It is your turn to tell us what you think about the recent service we provided you, in a completely anonymous manner.  You were randomly selected to participate in this survey because you are awesome, and we know you will be completely honest in your feedback (both the good and the bad)!  

To accept this challenge, take the survey (avg. time to complete < 3 minutes):

<link to survey>

Recent support request (for reference only):

* Title = $title

* Ticket number = $ticknum

* Date Closed = $closed

* Assigned Tech = $owner_fullname $owner_email

* Queue = $queuename

Thank you in advance,

<manager’s contact information>


The Survey:

A manager’s contact information is included in the email, so if one feels overly inclined, they can call or email them directly to discuss a recent service encounter.  All questions in the survey are optional, none are required; we did not want to pester the person taking the survey, we wanted them to complete it quickly and without errors.  

The link within the email brings them to the survey, reminds them that it is anonymous and lists the same manager’s contact information again (for consistency).  

The first five questions are all ordinal questions based on the critical dimensions of quality for a service based industry.  

The next two questions are open ended:

1) any additional feedback - fairly standard

2) the second open ended question is what we call our “what if” or “imagine” question, designed to capture what we do not see, or are not aware of.  It is an opportunity question, and we are most interested in seeing what the answers are.  

After these questions we ask for basic demographic information so we can create fancy pivot tables to analyze the data.  

The Link:

Here is a link to our DEMO survey, which is identical to our production survey.  We duplicated the surveys so we can share it without impacting our production results.   Please feel free to view/ take the DEMO survey as much as you want, use it in your environment if need be, and adjust it as needed .  You will know it is the DEMO survey as there is a large bold note indicating it.  


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Kace is a super hero...no scratch that, a super, super hero!

This is a testimonial to the power of Kace (k1000).   


On June 2nd, 2015, we (like many other enterprise customers) suffered a massive outage of our Adobe Creative Cloud products installed on 650 MAC computers, located in eight buildings, as well as many off site locations.  If you know any Enterprise Adobe Creative Cloud customers who have a ETLA or EEA agreement, they too may have been impacted.  Apparently the serial number we were provided in our agreement was inadvertently programmed to expire 12:01am on June 2nd 2015.  

At 7:45AM we started to receive our first reports about Adobe CC products not working.  For us, the timing could not be worse as we are finishing up our spring quarter in a design college and the Adobe CC tools are critical for our students.  When we arrived at 8am (ish), several tickets had been sent in reporting the issue and we also had a couple of voicemails that we were trying to listen to as the phone continued to ring while customers walked into the office asking about the issue. Immediately we contacted Adobe and they provided us with another serial to use.  

This serial was packaged in our K1000 using the scripting module, tested on many different MACs (configurations and locations), and was deployed within an hour after the serial was provided; patching 450 out of the 650 MACs impacted by this issue, the other 200 were turned off.  The script was configured to run every 30 minutes and has since patched the majority of our customers impacted by the outage.  

So I wanted to say thank you to the Dell Kace Team for creating a product that allowed our support team to quickly rebound from an issue that had the potential to be devastating to our students completing their final projects. Job well done!   

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Twitter Bootstrap for Kace Service Desk - the video!

Please see this video for how to implement Twitter Bootstrap for Kace Service Desk in your environment!  Feedback is welcome.  https://vimeo.com/80390378

Here is my original post: http://www.itninja.com/blog/view/twitter-bootstrap-for-kace-service-desk

Here is the GitHub Address: https://github.com/jasonrap/KaceBootstrap


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