Summary:  You notice that your K1000 Appliance is not synced properly with your local time.


Manged installs, scripting, or provisioning happen earlier or later than you expected.

Going to Settings/ Date &time Settings you notice that the current time is not correct


1.  Set time, date and timezone manually by going to Settings/ Date &time Settings click Edit Mode and uncheck the box "Automatically sychronize with an Internet time server.  Then click on the box "Set the clock on the K1000 manually.  Fill out the information of your local time zone.  Click set options and a pop up message will appear telling you that the K1000 needs to reboot.

2.  Allow K1000 to reboot.

3.  Set time via sync via Network Server.  The default server is  Below find listed alternate time servers that you can try by going to this list of NIST Time Server or find an alternate by researching.  Below is the link for NIST Time Servers:

There are several time servers available.  Research the one that would be best for you.  Go to Stteings/Date & Time Settings click Edit Mode and select "Automatically sychronize with an Internet time server"  Enter the location of the time server that you want and then click "Set Options"

4.  Allow K1000 to reboot again

5.  Wait for overnight server maintenance.  Once overnight maintenance completes your K1000 appliance should sync correctly with the NTP server that you have selected.