The short answer is No

The satisfaction survey cannot be disabled. Users will always be able to login to the webUI/User portal (http://k1000) and see the satisfaction survey for all tickets that are in a closed state.

There is a way to disable the notification of the survey by email. This screenshot shows where you can disable the notification of the survey.

NOTE:  Inversion 5.3 the Satisfaction Survey category has been changed to Ticket Closed.

This checkbox is often confused for the ability to choose whether the survey is disabled or not. In fact, this simply disables whether or not the survey is emailed or not.

In fact, what this checkbox represents is whether you want to send an email to the submitter when the ticket gets moved into a "closed" state. This email can contain any custom text and does not have to mention the survey. You can customize this email by clicking on the "customize emails" link and remove USER SATISFACTION SURVEY and edit accordingly.(See the screen shot below)

Caveat: The only way to get around this would be to not have any status' that represent a "closed" state. This is not recommended as it has other ramifications. However, it would be possible in the product to have the "Closed" status represent the "stalled" state rather than a "Closed" state.