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InstallShield® Continues Ten-Year-Long Commitment to Microsoft® Technology and the Microsoft Certified Partner Program


SCHAUMBURG, Ill., March 21, 2002 – InstallShield® Software Corporation, the acknowledged leader in software distribution and deployment solutions, today announced its continued ten-year-long commitment to Microsoft technology and its ongoing participation in the Microsoft Certified Partner program.

InstallShieldÂ’s active involvement in the program and ongoing in-depth access to existing and emerging Microsoft technologies, related training, and resources, remains a key driver in InstallShield offering its next generation Windows Installer-based solutions for software developers and systems administrators.

“InstallShield has a proven track record of delivering innovative, cutting-edge deployment solutions and we commend them for their ongoing level of expertise and continued dedication to the quality implementation of Microsoft technologies,” said Rosa Garcia, general manager of the Partner Programs Group at Microsoft. “When customers are looking to implement a Microsoft technology solution for their business, their best bet is to turn to an expert—a Microsoft Certified Partner. InstallShield is an excellent example of such a partner.”

“InstallShield has enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with Microsoft over the past decade,” said Viresh Bhatia, CEO and co-founder of InstallShield. “Our continued involvement in this program simply underscores our unwavering focus on delivering products and services that support the latest Microsoft technologies.”

Since 1992, InstallShield and Microsoft have worked closely to deliver many of the installation technologies that compose the setup standard used today. InstallShield initially worked with Microsoft to deliver the first graphical-driven installation experience for the Windows 3.x platform. Since then, Microsoft has licensed and included the InstallShield SDK Edition in the Windows 95 Platform SDK and licensed InstallShield Professional V5 for inclusion with Visual C++ 5.0 – making InstallShield the only third party installation tool included with Visual C++ 5.0. Microsoft has also licensed other InstallShield Limited Edition products, most recently InstallShield Express – Visual FoxPro Limited Edition for Visual FoxPro 7.

From its headquarters and on-site office at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond Wash., InstallShield provides both software developers and systems administrators with comprehensive packaging and pre-deployment configuration products and services for any Windows platform. InstallShield’s flagship authoring solution, InstallShield Developer™, and pre-deployment configuration offering, InstallShield AdminStudio™, provide professionals with the comprehensive tools and technologies to handle any application packaging or enterprise deployment scenario.

About InstallShield Software Corp.

InstallShield Software Corp. is the acknowledged leader in software-distribution and software-deployment solutions for independent software vendors and corporate IT systems administrators. InstallShield technology powers deployment for the top 100 independent software vendors and is used by more than 200,000 corporate and commercial software developers and systems administrators worldwide. InstallShield is headquartered outside of Chicago in Schaumburg, Ill. For more information, visit www.installshield.com.

# # #

© 2002 InstallShield Software Corporation. All rights reserved. InstallShield is a registered trademark and Developer and AdminStudio are trademarks of InstallShield Software Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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AxiomSI Names Allen Cohen Vice President of Sales


Atlanta, Georgia — March 26, 2002 —Axiom Solutions International (www.axiomsi.com), an end-to-end Application Service Provider, today announced the appointment of Allen Cohen as Vice President of Sales. Mr. Cohen will be responsible for managing and aggressively growing AxiomSI’s sales efforts.

Mr. Cohen brings exceptional leadership, strategic selling expertise and a wealth of enterprise software sales experience to AxiomSI. In his former position as Vice President of South East Region and Federal Sales for Novadigm, Inc., he was responsible for managing the sales and consulting services of Application Desktop Automation Management Enterprise Solutions. Mr. Cohen was credited with the addition of Fortune 100 clients and the assembly of the Southeast sales team including Federal Government and Military sales. Prior to Novadigm, he was the Vice President of Sales for AmQuest, Inc. where he led the sales organization in targeting the ASP hosting market and the implementation of sales automation and organizational tools.

"We are pleased to have Allen join our Executive Management team," said Dr. Hans Beha, CEO, AxiomSI. "His experience in enterprise software sales and strong industry knowledge will be invaluable as AxiomSI positions itself to provide new services and solutions for the business needs of our customers."

"AxiomSI is extremely well positioned in the Application Hosting and Desktop Management industry to provide customers with significantly reduced Total Cost of Ownership. I see tremendous opportunities for the company," said Mr. Cohen. "I'm eager to build a world-class sales organization and help set AxiomSI as the industry leader.”

About AxiomSI

AxiomSI, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, is a full service Application Hosting and Professional Services Firm specializing in complete end-to-end solutions. Offerings include complete IT outsourcing, ISV hosting solutions, PC-Lifecycle Management and Electronic Software Distribution. AxiomSI provides turnkey solutions by aggregating best-of-breed technologies and services to provide mission-critical application delivery over any connection to any destination.

Contact Information:

Troy Rushing

Phone: 770-261-6010

Fax: 770-840-7848

Email: trushing@axiomsi.com


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Next Generation Web-centric Architecture to Deliver Advanced Scheduling


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., - April 15, 2002 - Marimba, Inc. (Nasdaq: MRBA), the Software Change Management Company, today announced a series of major advancements in software automation that ease implementation and further help reduce costs associated with managing software on desktop and mobile systems for Global 2000 and Fortune 500 companies. This newest release of MarimbaÂ’s Desktop/Mobile Management product family will provide companies with a next generation Web-centric architecture, advanced scheduling, and near real-time reporting capabilities.

Release highlights:

· Flexible policy management capabilities - planned to be released in Q2 2002 - enable targeted scheduling to pre-determine how and when software applications and updates are distributed, installed, repaired and removed.

· A browser-based reporting tool called Report Center - the first of its kind among desktop management solutions - provides a management portal with built-in reports that correlate application deployment logs with inventory information. Report Center provides helpdesk, system administrators, and asset management personnel with near real-time status on software deployments across the extended enterprise.

· Infrastructure enhancements that leverage a Web-centric

J2EE-based architecture to simplify the installation, configuration, and management of MarimbaÂ’s change management products. MarimbaÂ’s standards-based, J2EE implementation facilitates integration with existing third-party management tools and provides the foundation for supporting next-generation Web services.

“Managing software distribution projects poses a significant challenge for companies with thousands of employees, and hundreds of applications on different platforms,” said Ronni Colville, research director at Gartner, Inc. “Organizations in increasing numbers are turning to vendors who can automate business processes for software deployment activities and provide reporting mechanisms to track the outcome of such activities.”

“This new software release is a major milestone in Marimba’s product roadmap,” said Rich Wyckoff, president and CEO of Marimba. “Our Web-centric, standards-based architecture allows us to differentiate ourselves from the competition in the areas of ease of use, ease of deployment, and integration with existing IT assets. The reporting and scheduling capabilities will continue to help enterprises further automate the software management and administration process to reduce their cost of ownership and improve quality of service.”

New Desktop Management Capabilities Address Software Administrative Pain


New Policy Management and Scheduling Capabilities - implement processes that address business requirements and essentially provide a blueprint for desktop and mobile management activities. In addition to providing tighter control over software installation, repair and removal processes, MarimbaÂ’s new scheduling function will allow organizations to assemble a policy to control when content or applications are distributed and when they are activated. This is especially useful for regulated industries such as insurance or telecommunications, and for companies that deal with complex, time-sensitive campaigns or disclosure issues.

Advanced Web-based Reporting - details hardware, software, and systems configurations, and provides up-to-the-minute status on software deployments, software update progress reports, license compliance updates, and Microsoft Windows 2000/XP migration planning and status. Report Center gives systems administrators a set of pre-defined, browser-based reports that can automatically correlate log data with inventory data from desktops, laptops, and servers throughout distributed enterprises. Administrators can also modify these out-of-the box formats or choose to create their own reports. This provides IT departments with powerful troubleshooting and analysis capabilities by identifying in near real-time which deployments have failed, and why they have failed for a specific set of machines, users and/or applications. Any problems that arise can be quickly addressed with remote management tools, self-healing, or rollback.

Next Generation Web-centric Architecture - MarimbaÂ’s open standards, Web-centric architecture (first released in 1997) has been enhanced with J2EE technologies, including JSP and XML. The second-generation architecture provides customers with a browser-based, management portal that makes it easier for systems administrators to install, configure, and manage software distributions. MarimbaÂ’s support for J2EE-based technology facilitates integration with current and future third-party products including Web services management tools.

Pricing and Availability

Report Center - a new component of MarimbaÂ’s technology core and Inventory module - is available immediately. The new enhancements to MarimbaÂ’s Subscription module are planned to be released in Q2 2002. Customers with existing maintenance agreements covering the release will receive it at no additional charge. MarimbaÂ’s Desktop/Mobile Management product family continues to support Windows NT, Windows 2000/XP, HP, Mac, Solaris, Linux, and AIX platforms. For additional information on all of MarimbaÂ’s products, please contact Marimba sales via phone at 1-888-800-5444, or via email at orders@marimba.com.

About Marimba

Marimba, Inc., the Software Change Management Company, is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. MarimbaÂ’s Desktop/Mobile Management, Server Management, and Embedded Management product families allow Global 2000 companies to better manage their IT resources, increase operational efficiency and reduce IT costs. Additional information is available on the Internet at www.marimba.com.

This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and is subject to the safe harbors created by these sections. These forward-looking statements include statements regarding:

MarimbaÂ’s major advancements in software automation; the functionality and benefits expected to be provided by MarimbaÂ’s enhanced Desktop/Mobile Management product family, including providing customers with new features and enhanced functionality (such as planned flexible policy management capabilities that enable targeted scheduling, advanced near real-time browser-based reporting and support for J2EE-based architectures; the software releases described above being a major milestone in MarimbaÂ’s product roadmap; the ability of the software releases to allow Marimba to differentiate itself from its competition in the areas of ease of use, ease of deployment and integration with existing IT assets; the ability of the reporting and planned scheduling capabilities to help enterprises further automate the software management and administration process to ease deployment, reduce cost of ownership and improve quality of service. Those results are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, including: technical challenges customers may face in implementing and deploying MarimbaÂ’s Desktop/Mobile Management product family, which could limit the benefits expected to be provided by such product family; the rapid pace of technological change and other development, marketing and sales challenges faced by Marimba, which could limit the ability of Marimba to make its new products generally available on schedule or with the functionality described; potential increased competition for Marimba in the change management and related markets; and general economic, technological and market conditions, which could affect the level of demand for change management solutions in general and MarimbaÂ’s products in particular. Actual results may differ materially due to these and other factors. All of the future product plans and releases described in this press release are at the sole discretion of Marimba and are subject to change and/or cancellation, and in no way should these future product plans be viewed as commitments on MarimbaÂ’s part. The matters discussed in this press release also involve risks and uncertainties described from time to time in MarimbaÂ’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In particular, see the Risk Factors described in MarimbaÂ’s most recently filed Annual Report on Form 10-K, as submitted to the SEC and as may be updated or amended with future filings or submissions. Marimba undertakes no obligation to release publicly any updates or revisions to any forward-looking statements contained in this press release that may reflect events or circumstances occurring after the date of this press release.

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InstallShield® Experts to Keynote Live Online Seminar on Windows Installer


Systems Administrators to Gain Real-World Advice on Migrating Software to Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., April 17, 2002 – InstallShield® Software Corporation, the acknowledged leader in software distribution and deployment solutions, today announced that its application migration and deployment experts will share key insights on “Packaging Applications for Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP Leveraging Windows Installer” via a free live online seminar hosted by leading IT media company TechTarget. The seminar will be hosted April 23, 2002 at 1:00 PM EDT on TechTarget’s popular www.searchwin2000.com and www.searchsystemsmanagement.com Web sites for enterprise IT professionals. Attendees can register for the event at www.installshield.com/onlineEvents/searchwin.

Corporations looking to maximize the benefits of migrating to Windows 2000 or Windows XP will need to repackage their existing software applications to use the Windows Installer service, MicrosoftÂ’s native installation engine. While the benefits of migrating are significant, the process of application conversion is often overlooked or underestimated.

Drawing on the experience from migrating thousands of applications for Fortune 500 clients, InstallShield experts will discuss this critical process, providing specific best practices to use and pointing out potential pitfalls to avoid. This one-of-a-kind online event will provide IT professionals and systems administrators with in-depth information on the issues surrounding application migration. Participants will walk away with the vital knowledge needed to migrate applications to Windows 2000 and XP more easily, efficiently, and effectively.

“Application migration is a daunting initiative for even the largest corporations – and IT pros are hungry for this information,” said Viresh Bhatia, CEO for InstallShield. “A successful migration must begin with a firm understanding of the issues, and we are confident this seminar will give attendees a solid foundation and the key tools from which to initiate their projects.”

The Seminar will cover a wide range of topics including:

· Introduction to the Windows Installer service

· Best practices of performing a migration needs assessment

· Preparing for migration

· Performing application conversion

· Resolving application conflicts

· Delivering migrated applications

Complete Software Repackaging and Migration Solutions InstallShield has trained more than 2,500 users in the art of application repackaging and spent more than 20,000 hours repackaging Windows installations into the Windows Installer format (MSI). InstallShield offers comprehensive products and services to assist corporations in every stage of their migration process. InstallShield AdminStudio offers a total solution for repackaging, customizing, and resolving application conflicts. InstallShield’s unique Application Migration Platform™ combines a proven migration methodology and industry best-practices to provide knowledge transfer, mentoring, or full outsourcing of the migration process. Information on InstallShield’s Systems Administration and Consulting solutions can be found at www.installshield.com.

Seminar Registration

Registration for the “Packaging Applications for Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP Leveraging Windows Installer” online seminar is free and can be completed by visiting www.installshield.com/onlineEvents/searchwin.

About TechTarget

IT media company TechTarget offers the most targeted media for enterprise IT professionals, including six invitation-only conferences, more than 100 e-mail newsletter titles, Storage magazine, and the only network of industry-specific IT Web sites. TechTargetÂ’s more than 700 advertisers include IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Intel Corp., EMC Corp., and Hewlett-Packard. More information about TechTarget is available at www.techtarget.com.

About InstallShield Software Corp.

With worldwide headquarters outside of Chicago in Schaumburg, Ill., InstallShield Software Corp. is the acknowledged leader in software-distribution and software-deployment solutions for independent software vendors and corporate IT systems administrators. InstallShield technology powers deployment for the top 100 independent software vendors and is used by more than 200,000 corporate and commercial software developers and systems administrators worldwide. InstallShield also has European headquarters based in Bristol, England. For more information, visit www.installshield.com.

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Limelight Networks Expands its Content Delivery Network Relationship with MusicMatch


Limelight Networks is now the exclusive CDN service provider for all Musicmatch content and software downloads

PHOENIX, AZ - April 24, 2002 - LIMELIGHT NETWORKS, the leading provider of next-generation content delivery services for the Internet, today announced an expanded relationship with Musicmatch, the recognized leader in music software and subscription services. Limelight Networks is now the exclusive delivery network for all Musicmatch content, as well as the Musicmatch JukeBox application. The exclusive delivery agreement with Limelight Networks, in conjunction with Musicmatch's embedded updating mechanism provided by Marimba, will help Musicmatch extend its competitive advantage in their highly dynamic business.

Musicmatch Jukebox, with more than 25 million registered customers worldwide is the number one-selling music software at retail and online. Usage continues to grow with 1 million new users being added each month. It's the ultimate personal music system, enabling music lovers to play, rip, burn and organize all their music files in one easy-to-use program.

Musicmatch uses Marimba's Embedded Management technology to manage its award-winning Musicmatch Jukebox across Limelight Network's pervasive, highly scalable content delivery network. This combination of performance reliability and Marimba's embedded technology enables Musicmatch to improve the speed and download reliability of music and application updates to its Musicmatch Jukebox. In addition to content and application updates, Marimba technology enables Musicmatch to transparently deliver enhanced services, automatically providing all Musicmatch Jukebox customers with the latest version of the software and supporting the Web-based delivery of new personalized services that improve their music listening experiences.

Prior to this agreement, Musicmatch content was served by multiple CDN providers, while user updates via Marimba's embedded technology were handled by a third party hosting provider. "Consolidating all content and software download delivery with Limelight Networks simplifies IT operations and magnifies the cost savings Musicmatch realizes by using our EdgePrism technology," said Limelight Network's president, Bill Rinehart.

Limelight Networks serves Musicmatch content and software downloads from servers strategically located around the globe to improve response times and enhance the quality of the user experience. Equipment and IT costs are

reduced because Limelight Networks' customers do not need to buy, deploy, or maintain complex, rapidly evolving server and networking systems.

"I am a great fan of Limelight. They have delivered on all counts - reliability, performance and cost savings. We realized that by shifting all our delivery to Limelight Networks we could realize even greater savings and gain greater operating efficiency," said Bill Caid, vice president of Internet operations at MusicMatch.

Marimba's Embedded Management solution will help Musicmatch streamline delivery of detailed, personalized music recommendations to customers to help them enhance their music listening experiences. Marimba makes these services possible by allowing software companies and device manufacturers to transparently deliver and install new features, OS patches, and software fixes in the form of updates, without user intervention.

According to Marimba's vice president of embedded management, Michael Hughes, "We view Limelight Networks as a key partner that can enable us to deliver the Musicmatch application in a fast, efficient and reliable manner. We look forward to working with them in the future to deliver cost-effective, scalable distribution solutions for the next-generation of Internet-centric applications."


LIMELIGHT NETWORKS is a leading provider of outsourced e-business infrastructure, content delivery services and software. Limelight Network's EdgePrism family of products enable companies to reduce the cost and complexity of implementing and maintaining a Web infrastructure for rich media delivery while ensuring unmatched performance, scalability,

reliability, and manageability. Limelight Network's services give businesses a distinct competitive advantage and provide an unparalleled Internet experience for their customers. For information on delivering an Intelligent Internet(tm), please contact Limelight Networks at 602/850-5000 or visit www.limelightnetworks.com.


MUSICMATCH, Inc., founded in 1997 and based in San Diego, is the global leader in personalized music services that enable people to find and listen to the music that best matches their unique tastes. MUSICMATCH Radio MX is

the most popular online music subscription service available, with more than 120,000 subscribers to date. The company invented the digital music jukebox in 1997, and since then has registered more than 25 million users of its award winning MUSICMATCH Jukebox software program. Partners include such industry leaders as Dell, Gateway, Hewlett Packard, IOMEGA, Philips, RCA and Sony. MUSICMATCH is a privately held company. For additional information on MUSICMATCH, visit http://www.Musicmatch.com.

About Marimba Marimba, Inc.

(Nasdaq: MRBA), the Software Change Management Company, is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. Marimba's Desktop/Mobile Management, Server Management, and Embedded Management product families allow Global 2000 companies to better manage their IT resources, increase operational efficiency and reduce IT costs. Additional information is available on the Internet at www.marimba.com.


Tina Burbine

Limelight Networks

(602) 850-5000


Kurt Mumma

Marimba, Inc.



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