– Managed service providers can now deliver hosted IT inventory and asset management to customers, driving down IT management costs and risks –

Portland, Ore. — April 2, 2007 — Centennial Software, developer of IT asset discovery and endpoint security solutions, today announced the Discovery.MSP Alliance Program designed to help managed service providers

(MSPs) give customers a hosted solution for tracking all organizational hardware and software IT assets. Based on CentennialÂ’s award-winning IT asset discovery product, Centennial Discovery, the program provides a scalable and cost-effective method for MSPs to deliver services such as inventory and audit, software asset management, security management and much more.

“Understanding what IT assets are in play on a network is vital to asset management, software compliance and IT service management initiatives.

However, a lot of our customers struggle when deploying and managing solutions to help address these issues. They’d rather implement a hosted solution to track assets across the IT estate and leave the ongoing management and maintenance to a service provider,” said Kent Hudson, CEO and Founder of SchoolDude, provider of web-native technology solutions for educational operations management. “Centennial’s new Discovery.MSP Alliance Program enables us to not only offer customers a hosted best-in-class network discovery product, but also provides us with the tools to more effectively market and sell our asset management services.”

In the UK, Bytes Technology Group will lead the way in the delivery of Discovery-based MSP services. Jill Powell, manager of the company’s Software Asset Management group commented: “Providing asset discovery and other IT management functions as a managed service relieves the administrative burden from the customer, meaning they can spend more time on mission-critical IT operations. It also puts us as the supplier in a much better position to advise our customers on potential improvements and cost-savings – since we have full visibility of their IT estate.”

The Discovery.MSP Alliance Program solution utilizes an optimized version of Centennial Discovery to meet the unique needs of managed service providers. This includes the ability to effortlessly create, modify and manage customer accounts, enhanced reporting capabilities, and a superior security model to ensure data integrity and confidentiality. As a program member, MSPs can deliver hosted services for:

* Network Inventory and Auditing

* Software Asset Management

* Security Management

* IT Operations Management

“Centennial Software has a long history of delivering innovative programs and best-in-class technology to our partner community. The Discovery.MSP Alliance Program is a result of our commitment to actively listen and engage with partners, and deliver solutions that they need to build their businesses,” said Bill Piwonka, vice president of product management at Centennial Software.

Centennial Discovery offers the most powerful and comprehensive tools available for dynamically finding, identifying and auditing all corporate hardware and software on a network. With an emphasis on accuracy and usability, the product delivers dynamically-updated asset information critical for inventory and audit activities, network and endpoint security (monitoring network vulnerabilities), and software asset management (regulatory and license compliance). Centennial Discovery provides 100 percent network visibility, network visualization, dynamic updates, remote auditing, collaboration tools and much more.

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