Automated, efficient desktop and server management is possible in 2007!

ATLANTA (January 16, 2007) – What is the typical New Years resolution for busy corporate IT staff? Chances are that a key objective for 2007 is to reduce workload, while staying on top of daily operational tasks. Empirum technology from matrix42 can help IT professionals meet this goal through automated, centralized management of networked devices and related software.

“IT personnel are getting back to the daily grind – and looking to improve administrative efficiency compared to the previous year,” said Ronald L. Harrison, Chief Operating Officer for matrix42. “Empirum is a time-saving solution for managing the total lifecycle of today’s increasingly complex, heterogeneous IT environments.”

Empirum supports these common resolutions for desktop and server management:

Resolution #1 – “To not get bogged down in the constant flurry of software patches and updates.” Empirum fully automates software distribution and patch management for Windows workstations and servers. It contains all the functions required to centrally package, distribute and install applications, patches, service packs and printer drivers. Similarly, an OS Installer component automates operating system rollouts and migrations for Windows and Linux.

Resolution #2 –“To keep better track of the hardware and software on my network.” Empirum maintains an enterprise-wide inventory of hardware and software, and also supports license management and application usage tracking. A useful alarm function informs administrators when a graphic card is exchanged or memory is removed, for example.

Resolution #3 –“To use my time more efficiently and be more responsive to end-user needs.” Empirum enables secure remote maintenance of clients and servers, so IT staff can get more done from their own desks, and end-users receive faster assistance for problems.

As the industryÂ’s most complete lifecycle management solution, Empirum fulfills other IT automation requirements. For instance, it offers a Personal Backup feature that restores end-user work environments at the push of a button. This eliminates the time spent resetting user-specific configurations when migrating PC workstations to a new Windows version, or when purchasing new hardware.

From a company-wide perspective, Empirum can help organizations to achieve dramatic improvements with regard to total cost of ownership (TCO) of networked devices. Cited benefits of Empirum include the reduction of fixed costs for desktop and server operations; shorter software delivery times; and high success rates for software rollouts.

matrix42 solutions are available direct from matrix42 and from its network of worldwide reseller partners.

About matrix42

matrix42Â’s suite of Empirum products supports lifecycle management for networked devices, helping to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). With Empirum, companies are able to achieve dramatic and long-term savings on their IT operational costs, while increasing their flexibility and efficiency. matrix42 customers include such leading names as Veritas, Nexus Management, Inc., AIG, T-Systems, EDS, Fujitsu, and Gerling. matrix42 corporate headquarters are located near Frankfurt, Germany, with branch offices in Vienna and Zurich. The company also maintains a U.S. subsidiary in Atlanta. To learn more, go to