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Command Line Access to WMI in XP


Microsoft Windows XP includes a command-line utility (Wmic.exe) to access Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). Until now it has been necessary to write a script to gather information from WMI. Note that WMIC can only be used by the local system administrators regardless of WMI namespace permissions on the local machine.

When you run the Wmic.exe utility for the first time, the utility compiles its .mof files into the repository.

At a command prompt, type: wmic , and an interactive-mode prompt "wmic:root\cli" is displayed.

For help, type: /? .

Also see:

* WMI Command-line

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Windows Explorer Switches


EXPLORER.EXE [/n][/e][,/root,(object)][[,/select],{sub object}]


/n Opens a new window in single-paned (My Computer) view for each item selected, even if the new window duplicates a window that is already open.

/e Uses Windows Explorer view. Windows Explorer view is most similar to File Manager in Windows version 3.x. Note that the default view is Open view.

/root,[object] Specifies the root level of the specified view. The default is to use the normal namespace root (the desktop). Whatever is specified is the root for the display.

/select,[sub object] Specifies the folder to receive the initial focus. If "/select" is used, the parent folder is opened and the specified object is selected.

Also see:

* Change the Default Opening Folder in Windows Explorer

* Managing Files, Folders, and Search Methods

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AT command line problems after IE 4+

The below article is still offered for those of you who have not upgraded, but with IE 5.01 SP1 this problem has been corrected. Read this tip for a bigger and better solution than AT.EXE!

For those of you that rely on the scheduler server to perform deployments, you likely script those commands with the AT.EXE or SOON.EXE command line tools. With IE 4 and later you may find that you get inconsistent or unexpected results.

The problem is the Task Scheduler replaces the Scheduler service and does not provide the same support at the command line. It doesn't appear to be something on the drawing board to be fixed either- this is another "functions as designed" item. Events are to be scheduled using the GUI for the Task Scheduler.

So take it off! Check out Q196731 for details on how to remove the Task Scheduler and get you beloved Scheduler Service back again:

Change this:
Key Name:


Value Names:

DependOnGroup: REG_MULTI_SZ

DependOnService: REG_MULTI_SZ: RpcSs

DisplayName: REG_SZ: Task Scheduler

ErrorControl: REG_DWORD: 0x1

Group: REG_SZ:

ImagePath: REG_EXPAND_SZ: C:\WINNT\System32\MSTask.exe

ObjectName: REG_SZ: LocalSystem

Start: REG_DWORD: 0x3

Type: REG_DWORD: 0x120

To this:
Key Name:


Value Names:

ErrorControl:REG_DWORD: 0x1

ImagePath: REG_EXPAND_SZ: %SystemRoot%\System32\AtSvc.Exe

ObjectName: REG_SZ: LocalSystem

Start: REG_DWORD: 0x2

Type: REG_DWORD: 0x10

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Command Line Printer Control in 2000/XP


At the command prompt, type the following for a list of functions and examples...

rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /?

Usage: rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry [options] [@commandfile]

/a[file] binary file name

/b[name] base printer name

/c[name] unc machine name if the action is on a remote machine

/dl delete local printer

/dn delete network printer connection

/dd delete printer driver

/e display printing preferences

/f[file] either inf file or output file

/ga add per machine printer connections

/ge enum per machine printer connections

/gd delete per machine printer connections

/h[arch] driver architecture one of the following, Alpha | Intel | IA64

/ia install printer driver using inf file

/id install printer driver using add printer driver wizard

/if install printer using inf file

/ii install printer using add printer wizard with an inf file

/il install printer using add printer wizard

/in add network printer connection

/j[provider] print provider name

/k print test page to specified printer, cannot be combined with command when installing a printer

/l[path] printer driver source path

/m[model] printer driver model name

/n[name] printer name

/o display printer queue view

/p display printer properties

/q quiet mode, do not display error messages

/r[port] port name

/s display server properties

/Ss Store printer settings into a file

/Sr Restore printer settings from a file

Store or restore printer settings option flags that must be placed at the end of command:



c Color Profile

d PrinterData

s Security descriptor

g Global DevMode

m Minimal settings

u User DevMode

r Resolve name conflicts

f Force name

p Resolve port

/u use the existing printer driver if it's already installed

/t[#] zero based index page to start on

/v[version] driver version one of the following, Windows 95, 98 and Me | Windows NT 4.0 | Windows NT 4.0 or 2000 | Windows 2000 or XP | Windows XP

/w prompt the user for a driver if specified driver is not found in the inf

/y set printer as the default

/Xg get printer settings

/Xs set printer settings

/z do not auto share this printer

/Y do not auto generate a printer name

/K changes the meaning of /v and /h to accept 0,1,2,3, respectively Windows IA64 | Windows NT x86 | Windows NT Alpha_AXP | Windows 4.0

/Z share this printer, can only be used with the /if option

/? help this message

@[file] command line argument file

/Mw[message] show a warning message before committing the command

/Mq[message] show a confirmation message before committing the command

/W[flags] specifies flags and switches for the wizards (for APW & APDW)

r make the wizards to be restart-able from the last page

/G[flags] specifies global flags and switches

w suppress setup driver warnings UI (super quiet mode)

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Data Source Utility from Sybase

The Sybase Data Source Utility (DBDSN.EXE) is a database utility provided with Sybase that allows you to view, add, remove and edit data sources from the command line.

Online instructions

Source: Adaptive Server IQ Reference Manual

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