Centennial Discovery 2006 helps organizations track configuration and security vulnerabilities

Portland, Ore. — December 12, 2006 — Centennial Software, the leading vendor of asset discovery and security compliance solutions, today announced Microsoft Windows Vista support for its Centennial Discovery IT auditing and asset management solution. This will allow organizations adopting the latest operating system to dynamically track all PCs, providing full hardware and software configuration to multiple stakeholders across the business.

Andy Burton, CEO of Centennial Software, commented: "While wholesale corporate adoption of Windows Vista may not happen immediately, it is likely that more and more PCs running the latest OS will start to appear on the network. To maintain effective IT governance, including best security practices and software licensing compliance, it is essential that these machines are correctly identified and tracked."

With the addition of Windows Vista, Centennial Discovery has consolidated its position as supporting the widest range of enterprise platforms, also including Unix, Linux, Mac OSX and Terminal Services.

As well as supporting Windows Vista itself, Centennial Discovery can also help organizations prepare for a rollout of Microsoft's latest operating system and business applications by highlighting which PCs on the network will need to be upgraded or replaced in order to meet the new system requirements.

"For many organizations, the temptation will be to completely refresh the entire hardware estate when migrating to Windows Vista," continued Burton.

"However, by identifying those machines that are already capable of supporting the new OS, or merely require a cheap upgrade, companies can save thousands in wasted IT purchases."

Another concern for organizations migrating to Windows Vista will be the effective management of security vulnerabilities as they are uncovered. To help companies ensure that applications and operating systems are not at risk for exploit attacks, Discovery's optional Security.Advisor module continually checks the status of software on the network against known security risks - automatically highlighting any threats currently present on company-owned PCs.

Existing Centennial Discovery customers can start supporting Windows Vista by downloading the latest client agent from the Centennial Software support site (

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