For years we have been working with customers who want to create Quick calls for items that they may log on the ServiceDesk, such as password resets. This is a great way to set a template ticket up so that all the tech has to do is to set the resolution and save the ticket to close. In the current version (9.x) of the SMA however when you go to create a single ticket process you may notice that you run into an issue, this was also a question asked on the Usergroup session yesterday, so I thought a quick tips blog may help some users.

Having set all of the options in your process have you reached the final screen, ready to publish but you find that the box to enable you to use the ticket status is greyed out?

This means that the final step of closing the ticket automatically is not available as you are being forced to use the "Process status"

To fix this issue, simply return to the Notifications step of the setup and remove all the alerts and notifications from the process

Then continue to the publish step and you should be able to now untick the box and opt to use the ticket status you require.

But remember, if you need notifications and alerts from this ticket you may need to setup a custom ticket rule to send those emails