How do you “Goods-in” or Receive an asset delivery to your SMA??

So, we all know that one of the easiest times that equipment disappears is the time between it being delivered to your business and being unboxed and deployed. This is mainly because we want to assign an Asset number to every Asset that arrives, but sometimes it is just not convenient to open every box for everything and stick the sticker on it.

However, it is key to avoiding equipment walking, disappearing or being stolen that we have a record that the item was actually received, not just delivered, so adding an entry to KACE to register that receipt provides valuable evidence if an item of equipment then goes missing.

At that point we should not only be able to tell that the item was received, but also who it was received by and where the item was placed, waiting for it to be used.

We also know that having access to the SMA and manually creating records as equipment arrives rarely happens as it takes time to write everything down and then sit at the admin console to update everything.

This is where BarKode comes into play, with the Double Scan functionality that we put into our app working to make sure that you capture the data at the point that it is needed, but also providing greater flexibility when you are ready to prepare the asset for deployment.

So here is our “Goods In” workflow

1. Using BarKode scan the external Serial number on the box as the Asset Tag, this will also be populated in the Asset name field.

2. Use our Double Scan feature to also rescan the serial number into the Serial Number Field

3. Finally select the other key Asset information i.e

a.       Location – Where the asset is to be stored eg Storeroom 1

b.       Status – The status given to new equipment in stores eg In Stock

4. Save the Asset record and you have all you need as proof of receipt.

No need for the Asset tag yet as the asset is not yet active

Now when you are ready to unbox and send the Asset out to its new owner (user) our “Provisioning” workflow is similarly simple.

1. Using BarKode Scan the Serial number on the box to show the Asset record

2. Push the Asset Tag field to the left to use our Double Scan and scan the Asset label you have attached to the equipment.

3. Push the Asset Name field to the left to use our Double Scan to scan the asset Tag in as the name of the asset

4. set the new Status value as Active

5. Save the record

So, with BarKode Double Scan you have much more flexibility to put the data you need in the correct field when you need it, saving you time every time you book in a delivered item or whenever you are getting new Assets ready to be supplied to the Owner or Enduser.

Don’t forget when you arrive at the endusers desk or work station, quickly scan the asset, change the Owner and location field to the correct values and your SMA will be updated real-time, every time.

BarKode for SMA – Putting the power of accurate asset data in the palm of your technician

BarKode for your SMA

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