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So we came across Splashtop at recent a tech conference, and we were seriously impressed. Not least because we were able to kick LogMeIn into touch and save hundreds of pounds, but more so because of it's extensive capability for support.

So as we are KACE through and through we set out to see if we could integrate Splashtop functionality into our SMA.

Pretty soon we had the Machine actions setup and firing, enabling remote control sessions to be started from both within Inventory and the ServiceDesk, having already setup our Splashtop configuration to meet our requirements.
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We will be publishing further blogs to inform the ITNinja community how to configure your KACE appliance to work with Splashtop, but in the meantime you need to know that with Splashtop you can remote control any Windows flavour or MAC OSX 10.7 and above. You can install the app on more or less any mobile device which means remote access to your end users machines is put right in the palm of your hand.

As an example, those of you who visited our stand at the recent UserKon in New Orleans, my laptop was on our stand, running our DASHboard product. I was upstairs in an Asset Management session and just for fun connected to my PC via my iphone, which worked perfectly and freaked my colleagues out just a little ;o)

Other Splashtop functionality includes:

  • Secure Remote Control
  • File Transfer
  • Screen Mirroring
  • Chat functionality
  • Screen Sharing
  • Quick Deployment
  • Wake on LAN
We will be taking a look at how we can further integrate Splashtop with KACE over the coming months, but if you would like more information please contact us here or visit but please don't forget to mention you saw this blog on ITNinja!!