I've been testing a Win7x64 image for a while now, with lots of post-install tasks. All has worked fine until recently. After about 2-3 tasks, they all fail. It flies through all the post-install tasks with some black CMD box that pops up for each. I managed to record a video with my phone since they're too fast to see by eye. The CMD boxes say "System cannot find the path specified".

I'm not sure what has changed. I really haven't done anything to my K2 other than upload Adobe CS6 via this method below, which results in like an 8GB file (but I took this script out of my post-install tasks and I still get the problem)


Any ideas? I'm not sure why they are all failing now. Here are my first few post-install tasks below, which haven't changed really:


The video drivers install fine, as well as the audio drivers - and the video assessment tool starts and changes everything to Aero - which has worked fine for me in my dozens of test deployments. 7-zip doesn't install properly, so I'm not sure if it's .NET that is causing it? Any suggestions? I'm taking .NET out of the list now to see if that fixes anything.




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I would take out the audio post install, and see it it fails. What's your command line for that? Since that was the last successful one you usually need to work backwards.

Answered 05/23/2013 by: dugullett
Red Belt

  • I actually didn't add the audio install until yesterday afternoon - and I was having the problems before I even added that. It's doing another image deployment now, so I'm going to see if the .NET works.

    My setup command line for the audio is "setup.exe /s" which worked on my test system in Windows (haven't tested it as post install yet). The Intel video driver has been on the image since day 1 and haven't had any issues. We'll see if .NET fixes it or not, then I'll work my way up from there if it doesn't.
    • So .net does install? What's your command line for that?
  • hmmm - I removed .NET and it still fails. So it must be the audio or video. I'll remove the audio install and try again.
  • My command line for video drivers:
    setup.exe -overwrite -s

    Command line for audio:
    setup.exe -s
  • hmmm - seems like taking the audio post install task out has made it work now. Not sure why it would be doing that. Maybe I can set it up as a managed install on the K1000 for when the machines start checking in after reimaging.
    • Have you tried using the post install task converter in and adding a reboot before the audio install?

      Also you might try adding "start /wait" (no quotes of course) to the beginning of each of your exe tasks as that helps prevent tasks from overlapping.
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Uncheck the box to reboot after imaging.  From the main imaging window choose recovery and open a command window and go the c:\kace and modify the batch file and add pauses in it so you can step thru it on reboot to see what is happening.  You can even run the calls from the subdirs under c:\kace manually if needed.

( installcmds.bat and under .\applications you will have other programs.)

Answered 05/23/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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