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We currently have serveral computers at my company that are Windows 7 machines. They also happen to be off our network. Instead of shipping the computers back and forth, is there a way to create a USB drive that can allow us to image them remotely using an image we already created from the K2000? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

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This is the Best guide for UEFI deployments from USB:


If you want to do legacy, follow the same guide, but format the USB in NTFS:


Make sure your Image doesn't have the Letter D: captured, it make things easier.

Answered 12/05/2018 by: Channeler
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  • I am following the UEFI guide. I get to the "Create and Download USB Bootable System Image" section however when i create the bootable USB it get stuck on the being built section and I end up timing out. Do you happen to know where that is stored once it is done being built?
    • It should download a ZIP file automatically, make sure you are using version 5.1 or higher of the KACE SDA.
      • I was able to get the ZIP file downloaded. However I am now running into an other issue. When trying to deploy the image, I receive an error message when trying to get the computer name. Error is as follows

        Line 480 (File

        Error: Array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript dimension range exceeded.

        Any idea?
      • Wade

        Make sure you are not using the old version of get set computer name, also I'm assuming this is a x64 bits deployment.


        -Please create Get and Set tasks volume 2, and add those to your Image.
        -The instructions are inside the README file located in the ZIP folder.
        -You will need to rebuild the ZIP for download.
      • Hi Channeler,

        That fixed that issue however a new one came up and I cannot find anything about it online. It is now failing at applying the image with return code 6. The image itself works fine when imaging it normally. Any ideas?
      • You are following the UEFI guide right?

        So you are using 2 USB drivers.

        1- in the FAT32 containing just the KBE.
        2- in NTFS containing the Image and drivers
        3- Both of them are connected to the device, and you are booting from the FAT32 one

        Is that is true, what are your Pre and Mid Level tasks?
      • Yes, I am following the UEFI guide. I am booting to the FAT32 drive that just has the KBE on it. The NTFS only has the Image and Driver_PostInstall. Both are connected.

        The Pre tasks are Get_ComputerName x64 and then Create UEFI Partitions - S.WIM Error Fix in that order.

        The Mid tasks are Set_ComputerName x64 and Apply UEFI Partitions - S:\ Captured in that order.