Lenovo machines will not do the first boot after "correctly deploying image"

Here again your favorite Random Dude in ITNinja,


Welcome to 2023, hope this year brings interesting new challenges and success to everyone. Talking about challenges, I had a pretty good one while deploying Windows 10 21h2 on a batch of Lenovo ThinkBook 15 g2 ITL.


The picture, my SDA running 9.0, drivers captured from a third device, pretty simple image, only C: captured, basic DISK partitioning tasks. Every single best practice is checked. When deploying my system image everything would appeared to be going just as expected, but when the first reboot happened I was welcomed with this amazing BSOD.





I was amazed and went again and checked all the best practices even redoing the entire image. Then after reading a lot I thought that it might be just like in the Dell devices with the SATA Operation. After some digging, I found this forum post.


After that, I went to the BIOS and disabled the "Intel VMD Controller". After that deployments happened just as expected.