Problem:  The K1000 needs to be restored to a backup and the GUI is not available.


Solution:  Restore the most current backup from the K1000 console or revert it to the factory configuration.



Log into the K1000 console with the username netdiag and password netdiag (possibly netdiag/gaiden for older systems).



Once logged into the netdiag menu, there will be multiple options.  Look for krestore.


Typing in krestore and pressing enter will give you the following available options:



Typing in krestore backup will restore from the latest backup that is on the K1000 (See screenshot below). 


  • Please note that the K1000 server version of the backup must match the version that is currently on the server. You will see an error message if the versions do not match.

  • Also note that once krestore backup is run, the K1000 will sit at a command prompt for some time while the backup runs.  Do not restart until the restore process is complete. The time this takes will depend on the size of the backup file.  The KBOX will reboot when the restore process has completed.

krestore backup running:



Typing in krestore factory at the netdiag prompt will reset the K1000 to it's original configuration. This would revert it to whichever K1000 version it shipped with. It would also wipe out any data on the system.



Additionally, the other options for krestore are:

  • krestore network  - This will poll the database on the K1000 and attempt to restore the network configuration.  This will cause a reboot.

  • krestore createbackup - This manually runs the nightly backup process.  This will take the K1000 offline cause a reboot when the backup is complete.