Problem:  The 5.4 agent will not install on Windows 2000 or RHEL3 systems.


Reason: Support was removed for Win2K and for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 with the release of the 5.4.5315 agent.

5.4.5315 Agent Release Notes:


Work-around: Manually install a 5.3 agent on any affected machines or leave the currently installed 5.3 agent on the system.

Currently, the last supported 5.3 agents for those operating systems can be found at the links below.

Windows agent:

RHEL3 agent:


PLEASE NOTE: Once the older agent is installed, a label that excludes deprecated operating systems will need to be created  in the agent update settings.  If the 5.4 agent update is run against a deprecated OS, it can cause it to not check in.  For the example below, a label that excludes Win2K was created:

For this, the label was created using the following (may vary depending on environment):