Feb 2015  

Our latest release of our BarKode Scanner application is currently available for the iOS handheld operating system, so there is minimal hardware investment required for access to this great functionality. The BarKode app enables the physical scanning of Computers, non-discoverable IT equipment or any non IT asset Type into the Dell KACE Asset Register, updates the data associated with the Asset meaning the asset record can be managed more easily and simply reported on.

Using the BarKode app's simple to use menu system the application is configured with the appropriate credentials required to connect to your Dell KACE K1000 appliance. Asset and basic inventory data is then replicated from the K1000 to the hand held device when scanning when scanning an Asset.

From the apps main menu you are able to carry out a number of useful scans

Scan and Create New Assets – Device and any created Custom Types
Scan and Update Existing Asset Data* – Device and any created Custom Types
Scan and Update Data* for multiple Assets – All Asset Types
Scan and Create multiple new assets – All Asset Types

*Data Includes Location, Cost Centre, Department & Status

With our BarKode Scanner functionality added to the Dell KACE Management Software, implementation of Best Practice recommendations for Asset or Configuration Management are now straightforward. Managing the lifecycle of any asset is fundamental to controlling costs as part of any Asset or Configuration Management practice and being able to quickly see in a report what Assets you have, where they are and what they are doing is important and the Barkode Scanner enables you to quickly scan and update status and location, creating dynamic data relationships and enabling a simple lifecycle flow of Procurement, Staging, Production and Retirement.

With the new BarKode app you will soon be able to:

Scan your new equipment deliveries straight into your KACE Asset register
Update location, department and status when moving people and equipment in your organisation
Scan that spare kit into stores, so you can run a KACE report and see what you have available
Scan out loan equipment, making it easier to track
Create Data Cabinet locations and scan you servers, making data centre management easier
Carry out regular audits and track missing equipment more easily

To download our product data sheet go to: 

To check out how our new App looks and works go to Youtube and watch our videos:

BarKode Introducton                     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YtrrdQlihA
Creating Devices                           https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wm1fLpU1SUU
Managing Custom Asset Types    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvhv-QGTKOQ

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