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ITNinja Announcement: Toolbar changes

Hello Ninjas!  We are releasing the first of a few moderation upgrades.  You will notice the moderation toolbar on content (question / blogs / links) has been moved to the bottom of the content.  

Moderators will have all of the same functionality for managing content and users.  Please reach out if you have any trouble!

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New ITNinja Features

Hello Ninjas!

We have added a handful of new features I wanted to share with you all.  First, you may have noticed Nick the Ninja floating around leaving his badges here and there. Nick has been busy trying to let the community users know what he feels are official pieces of content on the site. You can see more about Nick on his profile page or by clicking on any of the Nick banners or badges. 

Next up, we have added file sharing within the communities.  Previously only community owners could upload files, and now approved members who have a certain belt level can also add files.  Nick will also be able to endorse these files pretty soon.

Remember, if you want to follow along and have content show up in your feed, just follow the tags you like. 

Have a great week!

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ITNinja Update 2/28/18

Hello Ninjas!

We are going to be scheduling a release that will hopefully clear up a few minor issues that have been occurring this week on the site. I appreciate those of you that have provided feedback. As always if you are encountering an issue don't hesitate to reach out through our contact us page.

Have a great day!
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