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Veritas DGC selects Empirum Desktop Management solution for its advancements in enterprise desktop management technology


matrix42 AG, providers of the most advanced desktop management solution in Europe and the United States, is pleased to announce that Veritas DGC Inc., (NYSE: VTS) (TSE: VTS), has selected Empirum Pro to better standardize desktops and insure organizational-wide consistency through the use of a more comprehensive PC lifecycle management approach for their complex, multi-site environment.

The matrix42-engineered software offers the industry's most advanced technology in enterprise desktop management. Empirum Pro offers a complete package for PC Lifecycle Management, utilizing its open architecture and integrated module suite. Empirum Pro provides a solid business ROI, delivering centralized management of operating system deployment & migrations, new application installations, enterprise updates, hardware and software license management, remote control, inventory management and desktop disaster recovery.

Mark Bivens, Global Windows Support Manager for Veritas DGC Inc., said “All modules work together beautifully, making it intuitive and easy to use. Empirum Pro offers all the capabilities you would hope for in a robust desktop management solution, without the complications.” Empirum Pro uses intelligent scriptable software packages for electronic software distribution and allows the packing of all types of software into distribution packages, for roll out and for fully automatic installs to clients, notebooks and servers. “The Empirum Configurator module is one of the more powerful packaging tools I’ve seen on the market,” concluded Mark Bivens. By integrating MSI files and unattended installation routines, Empirum delivers the most sophisticated features for application and data distribution.

"Empirum utilizes 4 modules which together allow for fast and efficient OS installations, application installations, application updating, application packaging, and restoration of applications all managed through a centralized console. These modules can also function independently as an add-on to existing solutions for maximum flexibility.”

“The selection of Empirum by Veritas DGC confirms our industry leading technology strategy for the global market,” said Holger Maul, Chief Technology Officer for matrix42. “By working closely with clients like Veritas DGC, we will continue to gain recognition for Empirum in the United States and expand our global footprint.”

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T-Systems Selects Software Manufacturer Matrix42


Empirum to be used for organization-wide client management

T-Systems (T-mobile) decided for Empirum to be used internally and when fulfilling customers’ orders for software and client management. As a first step matrix42‘s PC-Lifecycle management software Empirum will be used for managing 150,000 clients at Deutsche Telekomn administered by T-Systems as well as for 30,000 internal clients. Empirum is used by T-Systems as a strategic solution for outsourcing IT systems support and projects as well as for software licence control. The agreement with T-Systems also includes maintenance and support for the next 5 years as well as complementary consulting and implementation services.

Empirum underwent extensive product testing. In competition to gain the deal matrix42 succeeded in beating well-known competitors. Using Empirum for all software rollouts, PC installations and migrations in the future will highly standardise and automate processes for T-Systems and customers. Managers will also rely on the Empirum software and hardware inventory in order to collect exact data about any system or environment at any time. Another deciding factor: Empirum Personal Backup that allows saving and restoring of usersÂ’ personal system settings at anytime.

“We are proud of having outpaced the other big competitors”, says Holger Maul, CTO of matrix42. “With Empirum we have developed an excellent product, which does not only ease a company’s software- and client management, but also allows for a tremendous savings potential. “ Enterprises like Fresenius, AIG and Fraport have come to the same conclusion, as they became matrix42-customers in the last year.


matrix42, Inc.

John Pitcock

phone: 888-mx42-USA

fax: 404-506-9405

email: sales@matrix42.com


T-Systems AG:

T-Systems. Frankfurt. As a subsidiary of one of the world's largest companies - Deutsche Telekom - offers continuity and reliability. T-Systems supports companies in achieving their objectives. We make our customers' work easier by taking care of all of their ICT needs - right up to taking on complete business processes. That's how we make our customers more flexible in their core business. And: Flexibility yields competitive advantages. We help our customers to achieve international growth on the basis of scalable ICT resources and variable costs - backed by offices and facilities in over 20 countries and more than 10,000 employees outside Germany. Further information on T-Systems is available at:

www.t-systems.com or www.t-systems.de.

matrix42 AG:

matrix42 AG. Frankfurt. developed Empirum® – one of the leading solutions for software and client management – and provides consulting and engineering services. matrix42's Empirum® offers medium-sized to large companies the simple, economical and reliable distribution of application and operating system software, PCs and servers. Empirum® is suitable for both corporate and management service providers.

matrix42's professional services; supports customers and partners in the implementation of Empirum® as well as complementary solutions from prominent strategic partners. These services range from, engineering and training to support and complete a comprehensive service portfolio. Empirum® is distributed beyond Germany in various European countries and the US. Further information on matrix42 or Empirum® is available at:

www.matrix42.com or www.empirum.com.

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matrix42 Announces Two New North American Empirum Partners


Resellers Reap Rewards with PC Lifecycle Management Solutions That Boost IT Staff Productivity and Reduce Costs

ATLANTA (August 30, 2006) – matrix42, a leading international developer of system management software, announced today two new North American reseller partnerships. The Normandy Group, a premier provider of innovative business solutions, and RSpeed Inc., a leading managed services provider (MSP), have both signed partnership agreements to resell matrix42’s Empirum™ suite for total lifecycle management of enterprise networked devices.

Empirum technology simplifies and provides 100 percent automation of daily operational tasks for IT staff, providing greater management control while increasing productivity and reducing administrative costs. Empirum is the industryÂ’s most integrated and comprehensive suite of end-to-end lifecycle management solutions.

“matrix42 and Empirum are already well-established in Europe and are rapidly gaining acceptance in North American markets. Building reseller partnerships here is key to our expansion strategy,” said Ronald L. Harrison, chief operating officer for matrix42. “We invite prospective resellers to compare our technology and partnership benefits to those of our competitors.”

Those benefits include substantial profit margins and sales incentives, product training and marketing support.

“We're pleased to be able to offer the Empirum suite as a way to provide time- and cost-saving advantages and increase operational efficiencies within IT departments," said Charles Burke, CEO of The Normandy Group. "Our Alliance Partnership with matrix42 will enable us

to deliver superior business and technology solutions that help our clients to be more productive and profitable."

According to Todd Beakey, CEO of RSpeed, “We sell other lifecycle management solutions and were immediately impressed with the advantages of Empirum technology for our customers. In addition to a top-notch product suite, matrix42 also brings to the table a sincere interest in working with us to grow our business. We’re looking forward to representing matrix42 and Empirum in our markets.”

matrix42 is actively seeking to grow its North American reseller network. Multiple partnership levels are available. For more information, contact Scott Barone, Director of Channel Development, at sbarone@matrix42.com.

About The Normandy Group

The Normandy Group, LLC, is a privately held firm focused on providing innovative business solutions that create business value for our Fortune 1000 and premier middle market clients. The Normandy GroupÂ’s mission is to exceed our clientÂ’s expectations and give them a competitive edge in todayÂ’s demanding business climate. We provide our clients with top professionals in business and technology. The Normandy GroupÂ’s unique approach to performance management, process improvement, and the application of industry best practices enables our clients to be first to market with leading-edge solutions that result in remarkable competitive advantages. The firm delivers rapid business value by aligning specific ROI objectives with well-defined solutions that encompass people, process, and technology. For more information, go to www.thenormandygroup.com.

About RSpeed, Inc.

RSpeed, Inc., founded in 1992, is a premier managed solutions provider specializing in Desktop and Server Administration and Firewall/VPN solutions. RSpeed, Inc. provides fully automated, easy-to-use IT solutions to enterprise companies who desire to have complete control of their working environments. RSpeed, Inc., headquartered in Pleasanton, California, can be contacted online at http://www.rspeedinc.com, or by calling 1-800-803-4690.

About matrix42

matrix42Â’s suite of Empirum products supports lifecycle management for networked devices, helping to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). With Empirum, companies are able to achieve dramatic and long-term savings on their IT operational costs, while increasing their flexibility and efficiency. matrix42 customers include such leading names as Veritas, Nexus Management, Inc., AIG, T-Systems, Gerling and ING-DiBa. matrix42 corporate headquarters are located near Frankfurt, Germany, with branch offices in Vienna and Zurich. The company also maintains a U.S. subsidiary in Atlanta. To learn more, go to www.matrix42.com.

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Vista is Here. Are You Ready?


matrix42Â’s Empirum Automates Enterprise-Wide Migration to Vista OS

ATLANTA (February 14, 2007) – matrix42, a leading developer of system management software, today announced the availability of an add-on to its Empirum technology that fully automates Microsoft Windows Vista rollouts. The solution makes enterprise migrations to the new OS a faster and easier process.

Windows Vista has been available to businesses since late November 2006. According to Forrester Research, one-fourth of larger companies – those with 1,000 or more employees – will deploy Vista within the first year of its release, and an additional one-fourth are anticipated to do the same within two years of the release.

“With the availability of Vista, IT personnel are contemplating the time and complexity involved in migrating enterprise desktops and servers,” said Ronald L. Harrison, Chief Operating Officer of matrix42. “Empirum significantly reduces these concerns with capabilities to automate Vista rollouts across hundreds or even thousands of devices.”

Harrison added that matrix42 customers with maintenance contracts can download the new Empirum Vista add-on from the companyÂ’s web site without charge.

Empirum is the industryÂ’s most comprehensive IT lifecycle management suite for enterprise networked devices. The integrated toolset simplifies daily operational tasks for IT staff, providing greater management control while increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Other functions in the Empirum suite can be used to determine whether networked hardware meets system requirements for Vista, and to identify existing applications with potential compatibility problems, prior to rollout.

Empirum also offers a unique personal backup component that can backup and restore personal work environments following successful Vista migrations.

matrix42 solutions are available direct from matrix42 and from its network of North American reseller partners.

About matrix42

matrix42Â’s suite of Empirum products supports lifecycle management for networked devices, helping to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). Empirum is an ITIL certified tool. With Empirum, companies are able to achieve dramatic and long-term savings on their IT operational costs, while increasing their flexibility and efficiency. matrix42 customers include such leading names as Fujitsu, EDS, Veritas, Nexus Management, Inc., AIG, T-Systems, Gerling and ING-DiBa. matrix42 worldwide headquarters are located near Frankfurt, Germany, and the U.S. headquarters are located in Atlanta, GA. To learn more, go to www.matrix42.com.

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matrix42 Announces Relationship with Thinstall


matrix42 Adds Application Virtualization to its Arsenal of IT Management Solutions

ATLANTA (February 13, 2008) - matrix42, a leading developer of software for IT systems management, today announced a strategic business relationship with Thinstall, the leading agentless application virtualization provider, which VMware, Inc. plans to acquire. The relationship includes joint marketing and allows matrix42 and its resellers to directly offer Thinstall solutions to customers who will benefit from the joint solutions.

The combination of Thinstall's application virtualization solution and matrix42's Empirum suite of systems management software offers IT a cost-effective, easy-to-use platform to manage numerous system upgrades and software deployments while maintaining the stability and integrity of a secure desktop environment. matrix42 delivers a comprehensive IT Lifecycle Configuration Management solution that eliminates time-consuming hard disk imaging of PCs, offering 30 percent additional cost savings over competitive solutions. The addition of Thinstall provides customers more options for managing application distribution, including native installation, imaging, virtualization and streaming. Customers enjoy efficiency and performance, while minimizing operational and administrative costs.

"Working with Thinstall supports matrix42's best practices for IT management," said Richard Ashe, vice president of marketing at matrix42. "Automated desktop management and virtualization go hand in hand. We are always seeking ways to allow our customers to be more agile and responsive to business demands without sacrificing efficiency, reliability, or accountability. We chose Thinstall because they have the best solution in the market, bar none."

Application virtualization is an important component of application management. Application virtualization allows support of legacy applications that cannot be migrated or deployed without conflict. It also improves IT service capabilities by enabling applications to be deployed quickly, securely, and reliably. Thinstall is agentless, allowing matrix42 customers to quickly implement it in their existing environments.

"The cost and productivity impact of application 'breaks' is a pain point for businesses today — the person can't do their job and it strains help desk resources as well, especially with remote desktop users," said Jeanne Morain, vice president of marketing and strategic alliances at Thinstall. "This relationship offers matrix42's customers the ability to deliver virtual applications for efficiency and cost savings. IT's challenge is to deliver a secure, stable desktop environment despite constant application updates and deployments. Thinstall's agentless virtualization technology eliminates single points of failure and conflicts between applications. The joint solutions save customers 'break-fix' costs, while strengthening and streamlining IT asset management."

According to Gartner Research VP Ronni Colville: "Application delivery is viewed as a mainstream IT service in many organizations, and is part of overall PC lifecycle configuration management. Virtualization extends the range of viable options for the delivery, isolation and management of PC applications. How applications are installed, run and updated has direct implications on the cost and complexity of management and security. There is no silver bullet, and many organizations will need solutions that support both traditional delivery as well as application virtualization. Selecting which client architecture to use for new applications is a crucial decision that will have significant bearing on future investments."

Through the relationship with Thinstall, matrix42 will be able to deliver a comprehensive set of choices in application delivery and management for customers.

About matrix42

matrix42 is an independent software company and the developer of Empirum, a leading IT Lifecycle Management solution that allows companies to manage servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices in a totally automated and highly efficient way. Companies such as BMW Switzerland, T-Systems, Gerling and ING-DiBa are among its many customers. matrix42 serves customers directly and through its international partner network.

For more information, visit www.matrix42.com.

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