matrix42Â’s Empirum Automates Enterprise-Wide Migration to Vista OS

ATLANTA (February 14, 2007) – matrix42, a leading developer of system management software, today announced the availability of an add-on to its Empirum technology that fully automates Microsoft Windows Vista rollouts. The solution makes enterprise migrations to the new OS a faster and easier process.

Windows Vista has been available to businesses since late November 2006. According to Forrester Research, one-fourth of larger companies – those with 1,000 or more employees – will deploy Vista within the first year of its release, and an additional one-fourth are anticipated to do the same within two years of the release.

“With the availability of Vista, IT personnel are contemplating the time and complexity involved in migrating enterprise desktops and servers,” said Ronald L. Harrison, Chief Operating Officer of matrix42. “Empirum significantly reduces these concerns with capabilities to automate Vista rollouts across hundreds or even thousands of devices.”

Harrison added that matrix42 customers with maintenance contracts can download the new Empirum Vista add-on from the companyÂ’s web site without charge.

Empirum is the industryÂ’s most comprehensive IT lifecycle management suite for enterprise networked devices. The integrated toolset simplifies daily operational tasks for IT staff, providing greater management control while increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Other functions in the Empirum suite can be used to determine whether networked hardware meets system requirements for Vista, and to identify existing applications with potential compatibility problems, prior to rollout.

Empirum also offers a unique personal backup component that can backup and restore personal work environments following successful Vista migrations.

matrix42 solutions are available direct from matrix42 and from its network of North American reseller partners.

About matrix42

matrix42Â’s suite of Empirum products supports lifecycle management for networked devices, helping to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). Empirum is an ITIL certified tool. With Empirum, companies are able to achieve dramatic and long-term savings on their IT operational costs, while increasing their flexibility and efficiency. matrix42 customers include such leading names as Fujitsu, EDS, Veritas, Nexus Management, Inc., AIG, T-Systems, Gerling and ING-DiBa. matrix42 worldwide headquarters are located near Frankfurt, Germany, and the U.S. headquarters are located in Atlanta, GA. To learn more, go to