Dell Kace

Kace appliances are easy to deploy, maintain and upgrade, which is one of the major challenges of client management tools in general.
The OS deployment appliance has intuitive functionality for image-building and deployment processes.
Kace business is growing rapidly, which will help ensure funding for continued product investment and innovation.


The SaaS platform is for inventory, patch management and other adjacent IT management functions, such as service desk and anti-malware.
Kaseya has one of the few products in the market that has an MDM module that currently supports Apple iOS and Android platforms.
Kaseya's products offer a wide range of client management functionality, including capabilities that many other client management products don't offer, such as PC backup and system performance monitoring.


Empirum's management functionality for Citrix XenDesktop is a visionary capability addressing a major challenge cited by references: managing physical and virtual desktop environments together.
Empirum's Rollout Coordination feature helps administrators monitor software distribution jobs.
Matrix42 offers a full life cycle management product, including backup and recovery, PC disposal and a self-service catalog, which many products do not offer.


Package building has long been a differentiator for DSM. Many products require third-party products for advanced application packaging; however, DSM provides a proprietary module to help customers build products.
FrontRange DSM offers 170 canned tasks, which are particularly useful for organizations that lack technical configuration management expertise.
DSM has strong Citrix XenApp management capabilities; for example, customers can take the same package that was packaged for a PC, and use DSM to configure it for XenApp (e.g., concurrent execution, etc).

Absolute Software

Absolute Manage has a strong go-to-market strategy with Absolute Software's Computrace product. Computrace provides endpoint tracking capabilities at the firmware level, while Absolute Software manages the device at the OS and application level.
Customers give the product high praise for code stability, ease of deployment and usability.
Absolute Software received the highest support quality scores of the vendors in this Magic Quadrant.