KACE training is free with your active support contract! Learn more.

KACE training is free with your active support contract!  Check in regularly as we continue to add more courses.

To access the globally-available English courses, visit the Quest Support Educational Services page and select the product(s) for which you have maintenance from the drop-down product list. Look for listings that say “Free” at the end of the title.  Click here fora complete catalog.

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Best programming online courses for students

Today programming is becoming more accessible then it was about a decade ago due to the continuous increase in online resources that help everyone, and especially students. Plus of these resources is in an unlimited amount of knowledge that they can give, easy access and the high-qualified teachers from all over the world. Minus - no one forces students to study, and the quality of gaining knowledge depends only on you.

Many people think that quality education requires perseverance, time and money. If it is difficult to argue with the first two points, you can still think about the third one.

Now it is possible to get the necessary knowledge and information of interest at leading universities in Europe, America, and even Asia without leaving your home. Here are some interesting online programming courses that you can start right now!

Free online course Usable Security

·        Organizer: University of Maryland, College Park

·        Course language: English

This unique programming course is designed specifically for those who want to work with a computer to achieve not only high results but also to protect authorship. So, if you use for example a custom essay writing company or any other writing service to receive your essay or custom paper, you will know how to protect this information and keep it in secret. Also, during the distance classes, you will get acquainted with the basic principles of human-computer interaction. The student will not only get acquainted with the concept of cybersecurity but also under the guidance of leading experts will learn how to create secure software systems.

Free online course Programming Basics

·        The session will last nine weeks.

·        Organizer: The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

·        Course language: English

Students who choose this online programming education will become familiar with the general concepts of programming and algorithms, master basic computer programming skills, and learn how to write programs to solve practical computational problems. No vocational education for mastering the course is required. The basis for this distance classes can be school knowledge of computer science and mathematics.


Video lectures in combination with embedded tests and subsequent homework based on the "learn by practice" model. Each conference includes an embedded analysis to help students understand the proposed concepts and ideas. Nanodegree Plus is also available. The bottom line is that Udacity guarantees employment within six months after the release for all students or returns you money. Learning costs about $299 per month. A big advantage is a code review (which is very detailed). The program also includes assistance in resumes writing and test interviews (with real people).

Code School

Code School uses screencasts and video tutorials on HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, .NET, iOS, Git and other issues for teaching, feeding material through exciting stories. Most of the content is designed for advanced programmers, but free courses on the basics of programming are available for beginners. To access the free classes you need to register, access to the paid Code School courses is possible only from a subscription, the price of which starts from just $29 per month.

Free online course Game Design and Development Capstone

·        Organizer: University of Michigan

·        Course language: English

This distance programming course “Game Design” requires possessing basic programming skills. For students who have immediate plans, it includes learning how to develop and program game design, which may seem particularly interesting for many students today. The students will have the opportunity to build applications on Java in conjunction with the gaming industry professionals. For those who are just starting their advancement in the Java industry, it will be useful to get acquainted with the concept of the game industry, to study its fundamentals from a theoretical and practical point of view. Students will learn to develop the idea of the game, as well as design its navigation.

Free online course Mobile Application Experiences

·        Organizer: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

·        Course language: English

·        The session will last six weeks.

We have a piece of great news for youth who are already familiar with online courses. Very soon, the part of the remote classes on programming “Mobile applications” will start, under the guidance of teachers and researchers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In the new part of the course, students will learn to create their applications using TCP principles and analyze the data obtained by mobile apps in everyday life.

Free online class An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python

·        Organizer: Rice University, Houston

·        Course language: English

·        The session will last five weeks.

The course will help to learn the basics of building simple interactive applications in the Python language. It is designed for those who do not have a computer background or has only a little experience. In the first part of the course, its creators present essential programming elements (such as expressions, conventions, and functions), and then use these elements to create simple interactive applications — a digital stopwatch, for example.

So, are you ready to discover the world of programming under the guidance of the world best teachers? After all, it makes no sense to postpone the study of something new and interesting “until better times.”

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Spectacular Microsoft fail - SQL Server installation

I am stunned, given the robust way that the majority of MS tools which accept both command line and configuration file-driven arguments handle things, i.e. the command line overrides the configuration file, that the installer for SQL Server can be so spectacularly awful!

If you specify the '/Q' argument on the command line and your configuration file also contains an entry for 'UIMode', you will get this error:

Media ScenarioEngine.exe returned exit code: 0x858C001C

Crystal clear, right? Obscure text, meaningless error numbers...SMH...

Luckily, the log written to the bootstrap location (e.g. "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\140\Setup Bootstrap\Log\Summary.txt") tells you what's happened:

The /UIMode setting cannot be used in conjunction with /Q or /QS

Also luckily, I always use the extracted MSIs to install this junk so am able to work around this nonsense but I just thought I might save some other poor soul the heartache and wasted hours trying to decipher what the Hell prevents it working.

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Custom rule to format Hardware Address

A question was posted in the KACE Slack Community regarding the possibility of having a custom field for a computer's hardware address (aka MAC) be formatted in IEEE 802 format using colons. Always being up for a challenge, I created the following custom service desk rule to do that. To create this rule on your SMA, go to Service Desk, Rules and select the relevant queue. Under Action, select New (SQL)

A couple of notes:
My custom field is CUSTOM 19, in the database that means it is called CUSTOM_FIELD_VALUE18. You will have to adjust the statements below to match your custom field, notice that the database column is one less than the UI column.
My queue ID is 1, you will have to adjust that for your queue.

Here is the Select statement for the rule:

CUSTOM_FIELD_VALUE18 not regexp BINARY '([0-9A-F]{2}[:]){5}([0-9A-F]{2})'

Credit to https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4260467/what-is-a-regular-expression-for-a-mac-address for the regular expression.

Here is the update statement:

UPPER(concat_ws(':', substr(CUSTOM_FIELD_VALUE18, 1,2), 
UPPER(concat_ws(':', substr(CUSTOM_FIELD_VALUE18, 1,2), 
ELSE 'Please enter a valid hardware address'
The rule handles three scenarios:
The user entered twelve characters - I'm assuming that the user entered twelve characters that are valid for a hardware address.
The user entered seventeen characters - I'm assuming that the user entered seventeen characters that are valid for a hardware address, but they are lower case or are using the wrong separator.
The user did not enter a value or it is neither twelve or seventeen characters - The field is set to 'Please enter a valid hardware address'

Those rules aren't by any means going to cover all possible scenarios in the best way, but they will get the basic job done.

Set the rule to run on ticket save and watch the magic happen.

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New ITNinja Features

Hello Ninjas!

We have added a handful of new features I wanted to share with you all.  First, you may have noticed Nick the Ninja floating around leaving his badges here and there. Nick has been busy trying to let the community users know what he feels are official pieces of content on the site. You can see more about Nick on his profile page or by clicking on any of the Nick banners or badges. 

Next up, we have added file sharing within the communities.  Previously only community owners could upload files, and now approved members who have a certain belt level can also add files.  Nick will also be able to endorse these files pretty soon.

Remember, if you want to follow along and have content show up in your feed, just follow the tags you like. 

Have a great week!

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