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I'm pretty new to KACE imaging, so I may be missing something very obvious, but I am attempting to make a Windows 7 image to capture. I have the image how I want it. There is only a single partition with the C: drive where Windows and everything else is installed. I sysprep the PC, I boot in to KBE and capture the image.

However, once the capture completes and I go to the Deployment Appliance to set the pre, mid and post tasks, the note states "Captured from E:".

Now, when I attempt to deploy the image, I get an error. I think I found a workaround to get the image to deploy, but the system partition is going to come up as E and not C.

I can give any other details if relevant. What did I do wrong?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

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  • Are you booting from USB? Did you build the image you are capturing from a scripted install?

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