Why do some machines return their inventory info with no line for the username? Not a blank field, just no line or field at all for that info.

Some haven't been online for 20-45 days, but others show no username and they have been online in the past few days.




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What version agent do these machines have?

Answered 08/07/2012 by: dugullett
Red Belt

  • Release notes for 5.3.53177.

    Resolved Issues:
    • 1738: The current logged-on user is not always detected.
  • PC's only on the k1000 - Win XP Sp3 and Win 7 Sp1. The majority of our clients as well those with missing usernames do have 5.3.53177, but one has 5.1.38724. One report on 118 of our machines from one office has 10 machines with no username.
    The majority of machines with no username shown are at 5.3.53177.
    • On you report are you using USER or USER_FULLNAME?
  • If the machine was on with no one logged in for a period of time I have seen this happen
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Macs  and RHEL don't populate user information on the computer inventory page currently, nor do they populate computer description.

With Windows, are you talking about username in the individual computer inventory page, or the last user field on the computer listing?

If the latter, there's a bug in one of the agent versions that causes last user not to be populated all the time in Windows.  If memory serves, it's supposed to be resolved in the latest agent.

Keep in mind too that the last user field will be blank if there is no one logged in at the time of agent check in.

Answered 08/07/2012 by: jknox
Red Belt

  • "Keep in mind too that the last user field will be blank if there is no one logged in at the time of agent check in."

    -- That sounds like the most likely reason for this. I'm not concerned about this as a matter that needs to be resolved. Just wanted to understand why. When reporting up the ladder, questions came back to us about the blank name field.

    Thanks to all who replied.
    • There's a blog that will show user logon/logoff time. If the folks up the ladder want to know why you can run this, and include it in your report. It might help make more sense to them. You can add a last check in time to your current report.

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Are we talking about Macs or PCs? You are using the K1000 device, correct? What Operating systems are we dealing with? What version of the Kagent is on the machines?

My guess is that since the K1000 has no information to show in this space it simply removes the space. I know for fact that it does this for some other fields. Why the information isn't being received I'm not sure, it depends a lot on your answers to the questions I asked above.

Answered 08/07/2012 by: Ben M
Ninth Degree Black Belt

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