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When does a managed installation realy gets installed ?

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I am new to K1000. I want to install IE11 on some machines, all of which belongs to a certain tag. I created a managed installation, uploaded the .msi I fabricated with IEAK, selected the right OS, associated it with the desired tag. I forced inventory on the machines, rebooted them. Twice. 3 times. 4 times. Waited. Did it again. Re-inventories. And so on. Nothings happens.

I know this process worked, some days ago, with the same components (or so I think), but I did not manage to understand which was the right chronology : first inventory, first reboot ?

I looked on the client Kace agent directories (c:\ProgramData\Dell\Kace\Downloads\), it is empty. I don't know how to interpret c:\ProgramData\Dell\Kace\User\KAgent.log or KBOT_log.txt. Can someone tell me :

1) What is the sequence ? Do I have to wait a certain time before the installation starts ? Do I have to reboot ? To run inventory ? In which order ?

2) How can I see in the logs created why this does not work ?

I would be really grateful for some help ...

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It should kick off with 1-2 update inventories if you force it, no reboot should be needed.  Under the machines detail do you see anything scheduled in Activities - Managed Installation List?  As for where the files get put, they are placed under C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\downloads in a numbered directory that corresponds to the MI.  If you have remove files checked in your MI that dir gets deleted so you will never see it.  For troubleshooting you can uncheck it.
Answered 03/23/2015 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • Great explanation. One note: The files show up in a folder corresponding to the software inventory item used in the MI.
  • Well ... This is driving me crazy.
    First, I did not check the box asking for deletion of the downloaded package, so I can track what happens. Every machine that gets the package in the download directory will work. The problem is : how and when does this package come into the download directory ?
    Next, yes, the machines I am testing with all have the MI listed under Activities / Managed Installation List.
    Last, I ran the inventory, I would say a dozen times on each machine. One of the machines has managed to get the software installed, I don't know why, probably because it has been idle but powered on during several hours on sunday
    I guess there is some mandatory wait before getting the package, but I really get no idea of the time needed. Very frustrating. The admin guide does not say anything useful about this, or at least I could not find it ...
    Has someone some experience about this wait time ?
    • can you post a screen shot of your MI?
      • I really would like to ... I can't find how I can upload a file !
      • post a new answer or modify your question. do a screen capture and save as a jpg. Do not make it too small. I use alt - prtscreen and run the shot thru paint for a quick jpg.
    • Inventory and running MIs are two different functions, and as such, MI deployment falls under the scripting interval.

      That said, there is no set time for a MI to run as there are other factors that play into a MI being delayed as well, such as K1000 load, patching, other activities that the agent is running, etc.

      If you are testing a MI install, you can run that manually by opening a command prompt on your test machine and running: c:\program files (x86)\dell\kace\runkbot 6 0
      • What do you call "the scripting interval" ? I swear I waited several hours after the inventory, with no result.
the scripting interval is controlled in the settings

Answered 03/23/2015 by: SMal.tmcc
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Answered 03/23/2015 by: guruperplexe
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  • change the execution (pardon my french) from
    au démarrage to n'importe quand
Answered 03/23/2015 by: guruperplexe
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As far as I can understand, the should be no more than 2 hours of delay between the inventory and the downloading, right ? The setup is supposed to run at boot time, but I guess the download can begin any time ?
@SMal.tmcc : I don't want the installation to start when a user is logged in, that's why I chose "at startup" (pardon my english ...). Do I understand correctly ?
Answered 03/23/2015 by: guruperplexe
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  • Yours should be 2 hours by your settings. I am impressed with your English, it is very good, I would have never guessed you spoke a different language by your writing. Now that setting makes sense. You may be better running this as an off-line script, it will be more responsive to your needs. Just use a verify step to check and remediation to deploy it.

    With your current MI - JKnox suggested running the kbot from the workstation, after that is run the files should appear in the download area. You can get better info of what is going wrong by enabling debugging on a client. https://support.software.dell.com/k1000-systems-management-appliance/kb/112035
    • Well ... I'm not sure I understand everything. What do you mean by "running this as an oof-line script" ? Do you mean I should not let the K1000 handle it ? It would be very disappointing, because I have to deploy my packages on 600+ machines ...
      • Under scripting you have an option for online or offline scripts. Offline scripts can be run at bootup prior to user logging in.

I found an error message in the KAgent.log file :

[2015-03-24.09:11:49][AMPAgent:NimitzServiceCtrlHandle] BOOTUP
[2015-03-24.09:11:49][AMPAgent:ExecuteByEvent         ] Execute By event BOOTUP
[2015-03-24.09:11:49][AMPAgent:RunNowByEvent          ] Execute by Event kbot[6 : 1416231054] BOOTUP
[2015-03-24.09:11:49][AMPAgent:RunKbot                ] Running : runkbot 6 1416231054 -noLogUpload BOOTUP
[2015-03-24.09:11:49][AMPAgent:CreateProcessOnDesktop ] CreateProcessOnDesktop: ShowWindow=0, WinVer=6.1
[2015-03-24.09:11:49][AMPAgent:CreateProcessOnDesktop ] CreateProcessOnDesktop: process token: 00000264
[2015-03-24.09:11:49][AMPAgent:CreateProcessOnDesktop ] CreateProcessOnDesktop: token dup: 00000100
[2015-03-24.09:11:49][AMPAgent:CreateProcessOnDesktop ] CreateProcessOnDesktop: set sessid into token
[2015-03-24.09:11:49][AMPAgent:CreateProcessOnDesktop ] CreateProcessOnDesktop: create proc: cmdline='runkbot.exe 6 1416231054 -noLogUpload BOOTUP', cwd=(null), fullcmdline='runkbot.exe 6 1416231054 -noLogUpload BOOTUP', dwFlags=0x 1000020, si.wShowWindow=0, desktopname=winsta0\KACE
[2015-03-24.09:11:49][AMPAgent:CreateProcessOnDesktop ] CreateProcessOnDesktop: close handles
[2015-03-24.09:11:49][AMPAgent:CreateProcessOnDesktop ] CreateProcessOnDesktop: waiting for exit
[2015-03-24.09:11:49][AMPAgent:CreateProcessOnDesktop ] CreateProcessOnDesktop: done
[2015-03-24.09:11:49][AMPAgent:RunKbot                ] RunKbot : Failed to create kbot process

It seems to happen every time I open a Windows session on the machine. I can briefly see the splash screen saying Kace is inpecting the configuration.

Is this message normal, or is it the cause to my problems ?

Answered 03/24/2015 by: guruperplexe
Senior White Belt

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