I have traditionally spent most of my IT Ninja time in the 'Questions' area but of late it has become more of a KBox-specific area so as I have nothing to contribute to that - not having such kit - it's time to say "Goodbye."

It's been a blast.

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  • Noooo!
    Seriously? I hope not, you biting comments will be missed... it's been ages since I've seen procmon mentioned ;-)
  • Totally understand, hopefully our posts will cross paths somewhere else in the future. All the best and thanks for the help when I was a noob many many moons ago.
  • Please consider popping in occasionally to distribute harsh reality to newbz, it is truly one of the bright parts of my day.
  • It's been a blast Ian - thanks!

    It's been getting that way for me too - although I'm not actually in the packaging world anymore I just pop by to keep my hand in and to Mod when I have a few minutes spare in the day.

    I've sent you a LinkedIn request, don't be a stranger!
    • Would you mind reminding me of your actual name? Typically, I ignore requests from people whose names I don't recognise.

      This would've been so much better done through a PM. Remember? Like AppDeploy used to have until we got landed with this? :-)
      • You accepted the LinkedIn request yesterday from me, so all good.

  • Noooooooo :(
  • Will miss your true experienced witty answers hereafter. Thanks for your major contribution. We grew up with your talented replies which helped us widen our minds.
    Even we miss the old AppDeploy which was more of Application packaging oriented. These days even we find idle looking into KBOX posts. I request you to post your name so that we can stay in touch. (P.S I know you only with VBScab name :P)
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