Please look in to the script.

Set xmlDoc = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")
XMLDir = "C:\"
xmlPath = quote & XMLDir & "123.xml" & quote
xmlDoc.load xmlPath

'Locate the desired node
'Note the use of XPATH instead of looping over all the child nodes
Set nNode = xmlDoc.selectsinglenode ("//AutomatedInstallation/instance/entry")
Set nNode_AuthorizedServerHost = xmlDoc.selectsinglenode ("//AutomatedInstallation/agent.parameters/entry[@key=""field.Authorized.Controlm.Server.Host""]")
Set nNode_ServerPortNum = xmlDoc.selectsinglenode ("//AutomatedInstallation/agent.parameters/entry[@key=""field.Agent.To.Server.Port.Number""]")
Set nNode_AgentPortNum = xmlDoc.selectsinglenode ("//AutomatedInstallation/agent.parameters/entry[@key=""field.Server.To.Agent.Port.Number""]")
Set nNode_Password = xmlDoc.selectsinglenode ("//AutomatedInstallation/agent.parameters/entry[@key=""ctm_agent.Service.User.Password""]")
Set nNode_PrimaryServerHost = xmlDoc.selectsinglenode ("//AutomatedInstallation/agent.parameters/entry[@key=""field.Primary.Controlm.Server.Host""]")

value1 = "123"
value2 = "456"
value3 = "789"
value4 = "1234"
value5 = "5678"
value6 = "987"

nNode.setAttribute "value", value6
nNode_AuthorizedServerHost.setAttribute "value", value1
nNode_ServerPortNum.setAttribute "value", value2
nNode_AgentPortNum.setAttribute "value", value3
nNode_Password.setAttribute "value", value4
nNode_PrimaryServerHost.setAttribute "value", value5

'Save the xml document with the new settings.
strResult = xmldoc.save(xmlPath)

Please go through the script and suggest where is problem that the script is not working on Windows Server 2008 R2 platform,

Error : "Runtime Object required : XX****" @ "nNode.setAttribute "value", value6" , this location

Please suggest your valuable taughts or information you know on this,

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  • You know...we *love* posts where we have to guess what on God's green earth "not working" might mean. No need to bother elucidating: we'll probably figure it out in a couple of years time.
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