Hello, we are trying to replace a home grown Servers and Applications system with Kace. Our needs are fairly simple. For servers/devices - we put in information such as rack location, who to contact if we need to perform maintenance, other information. We also have Application assets, which we associate with specific devices. We also add useful information on who supports the application, etc etc..

So, If i were to go to a device for accountingServer1 I could see that it was associated with another asset called Accounting Servers. Likewise if I go to the Account Servers asset, I can see the related devices. 

What I could use help on is how to make the system usable for retrieving information. I would love to go to Assets in Kace and then perform an advanced search. However, the custom asset fields I created are not available. Yes we could create custom SQL Reports, but are there any other options to make this more usable? 

With our home grown app we can easy search by IP address with wildcards, names. It takes a few seconds to retrieve information. I could sort by hardware vs virtual machines, production vs development machines; etc... 

Does anyone have thoughts or tips on this? 

Much appreciated - Jake

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  • When you perform your advanced search, did you first select View By, Asset Type, <appropriate asset type>? Custom fields only appear if you are viewing the specific asset type.
  • Yes that worked! Thanks.

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