If I used the K1000 GPO Provisioning Tool for Agent Deployment to create (and have linked) GPOs for provisioning the Windows KACE Agent, will it only handle new installs or will it automatically upgrade from the specified repository if it detects that the agent msi in the directory is newer than the currently installed version?

Or do I need to enable the Agent Update Settings for all devices?

If I do enable the Agent Update Settings for all devices, and the GPO is correctly applied, will it know to run the upgrade from the specified share rather than the K1000 Appliance?

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  • Use the Agent Update settings for updating already provisioned agents.
    Also download the agent and reuse the GPO tool to replace the "old" agent with the new one for deploying to machines without agent.
    • Will the update come from my appliance or from the replication shares?
      • all clients who connected to a repl share, will get it from a repl share. All others take the agent from the Appliance
  • Thank you for the clarification :D
    • you're welcome. Remember that a repl share needs to replicate all stuff before able to provide these files to other systems
  • One last question. Do I need to have "Dell Updates" enabled on the Replication share for the Kace Agent to be synced to the replication share?
  • I've been looking into using the GPO provisioning tool. I have tested it successfully but wonder how it handles devices that already have the agent installed.

    I have about 800 devices, and would like to set this up so new devices will get the agent when they are imported into AD, or to find and install the agent on any that might be missing.

    My main question is, will this affect devices that have the same version of the agent already installed? I don't want it to reinstall on the ones that already have it. I can't find information anywhere that says if it will or won't. Thanks.
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