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Hello all,

I am currently fighting with Archives asset records in my KACE environment. While the archives records are not showing up in our reports, if I do a search to show me all the assets assigned to one site, it will include archives assets. The previous admin did a poor job of properly populating retired or e-wasted devices, so I am seeing archives assets that are years old that need to go. Of course I can delete these records, however I'd much rather move them our Retired/e-Waste site. 

Are these records accessible? When ever I try opening them I get an asset detail page but nothing that is modifiable. My biggest problem right now is if someone wants to pull up a quick count for number of assets at one site, they may see 40 when in fact there are only 30, 10 being archives records. My team is currently aware not to leverage off of this kind of count. 

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