I am unable to download dell updates. I wanted to apply BIOS updates but the download is failing. When I checked in the logs, I found one error:Failed to open location(http://ftp.dell.com/catalog/Catalog.cab)

I am using latest version of Dell KACE K1000 express.

Could someone please help me.



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  • I can browse the above URL in browser so I don't think it is network issue.
  • Proxy? When you are able to browse from your local system, you use the system settings. The KACE does not. If you have a proxy, you need to enable it in the KACE or even better allow the KACE to bypass
    Settings › Control Panel › Network Settings

    You can also check here if you are able to communicate using the KACE:
    Settings › Support › Diagnostic Utilities
    (currently my Express is offline, but in the full version you have there also a curl functionality.
    This can be used to test the access to remote sites and show the errors.

    Last thing you should check:
    Firewall settings for the KACE (KACE does not have its own firewall but may be not allowed to communicate through the normal one)
  • Hi Nico, Thanks for your reply. Yes we have proxy server. I have put the proxy information in the KACE network settings but it is also failing to download the update. In the logs I see this message:"Failed to open location(http://ftp.dell.com/catalog/Catalog.cab)". I don't see curl utility in the Diagnostics Utilities in Express version.
  • Some people I have talked to lost their subscription due to a data store corruption at Dell. If you haven't already, you might want to reach out and see if you were one that was impacted.
    • Hi nshah, Thanks for reply. I am not sure if we get support from Dell for Express version.
  • Check your antivirus is nbt blocking the CAB download as often CAB files are treated in the same way as ZIP files, as possible carriers of malware.
  • Hi EdT, I can download the CAB file via web browser.
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