I just got 40 new Optiplex 3020 PC's and I can't get them to boot to KBE in either x86 or x64.  I found the answer to download the 3020 drivers, insert into the KBE, recache and rebuild the KBE - but that didn't work.  I then downloaded the WinPE 4 & 5 driver packs, went through the same steps to rebuild the KBE's and still can't get it to boot.  On my 5th attempt I even inserted every driver for the 3020 network I could find and no luck.  All other PC's from Optiplex 3010's down to a GX 260 boot fine in both x86 or x64.   The error I get is always the same: System error 1231, Unable to mount KBOX share at \\xxx.xx.x.xxx\peinst.  I need to get these PC's out so any help would be appreciated.

My K2000 is still running 3.5 as I didn't want to upgrade till after these PC's were done.

Thanks.  Russell

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  • is this for win 7 using win pe3 boot? also how did you insert the drivers?
  • Yes for Win 7 using winpe3. I inserted the drivers under \\kbox\drivers\kbe_windows_x64\dell-winpe-a08\network (a folder with drivers) & under \\kbox\drivers\windows_7_x64 (a folder with drivers). I was putting drivers everywhere trying to get it to work.
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for win7 goto


download the WINPE 3.0 Driver CAB

open it with 7-zip and extract the x86 and x64 directories.

attach to \\ikbox and open the drivers directory, under both the x86 and x64 subdirs create a subdir named something like manual_drivers.  copy the proper files (x86/x64) to the proper subdirs on the kbox.

Recache and rebuild new KBE


Answered 04/22/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • I opened Kbox\drivers\kbe_windows_x64, deleted all folders files and replaced with WinPE3 folders (dell-winpe-a08 & kace). I also created a folder name 3020 under the kbe_windows_x64 folder and placed the x64 drivers for every model network card available on Dell's web site. Recached, rebuilt and still the same issue. Is there somewhere else I need to be putting the drivers?
    • no that is where the kbe build looks for drivers. when you boot to the kbe on the main page go into recovery and open a cmd prompt. do an ipconfig /all and see if the nic present or not, could even be you are loading the drivers but are not getting an ip.
      • use can use this method to find the correct driver
      • also are you changing the default boot KBE settings to the new kbe you uploaded under - settings & maintenance - control panel - general settings
      • also see
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As SMal.tmcc mentioned - one of my thoughts is that you may still be booting your default (and now outdated) KBE. Either choose the most recent KBE manually from the PXE boot menu or update the default. That used to trip me up...

Answered 04/23/2014 by: jegolf
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After 7 KBE rebuilds/attempts to get this working - it works now. I blew away all KBE's (only had two to start with), Purged, rebooted the server, rebuilt both 86 & 64 KBE's using Winpe3 and Optiplex 3020 network drivers installed. The KBE's, when booting, were either default or I selected the rignt ones, Like I said, I tried Winpe3,4 & 5 and inserted the network drivers each time and it didn't work. I could boot any other PC Opti 3010 or older I think the server reboot cleared something. Anyway, Thanks for your input and help and as always - that's what makes this site so great. Russell
Answered 04/23/2014 by: rjobe
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  • sounds like you entered the Twilight Zone with that problem. I am working on updating my wims and tasks to work with the changes 3.6 gave us. Has been pretty good so far, only bug I ran into is the engine reboots between mid and post and kills my one boot auto logon for admin, I had to up the count to 2
    • I'm holding off another few weeks until I get this load of computers out the door. Can't handle any more delays other than those caused by the company. If we need 60 PC's they will only let us order 20 at a time and that's what caused this issue. No more Optiplex 3010's so we had to go with 3020's. Job security I guess.
      • yup progress is job security
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