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When someone quits, we create a ticket with all the details we need like department, computer (for erasing it), last day at work etc etc.

Our new challenge is that people have more and more devices and computers, particularily our developers.

Is there a way to add more "machine" fields to the ticket (not as a text field), so I can filter on the username and add all computers owned by the person to the ticket? This way all the machines/units would get the ticket attached to it.

I've checked the queue configuration, but none of the custom fields let me specify the computer type.

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  • It's unfortunate that the fields like Machine can't be added more than once. You can create a multiple select field and enter a query in the select values column to populate the choices, but that usually doesn't work well for this kind of application.

    If you can identify all of a user's computers through SQL then I would recommend a rule that populates a custom field with the computers that they have.
    • I agree with chucksteel, a ticket rule would probably be the way to go currently.

      Submit it here as a feature request to be able to add multiple machines: http://kace.uservoice.com/forums/82699-k1000

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You can add a single (or multiple) select custom field and populate it using a select query (ex. "query: SELECT NAME FROM ASSET WHERE ASSET_TYPE_ID = 5"). The only field that will link a machine to a ticket (in the inventory) is the built-in machine field as chucksteel mentioned. This will allow you to list multiple machines in a ticket which can help with reporting.

Answered 06/05/2013 by: erik.ragan
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