I have a camera that we have in Assets and Inventory. How can I assign or track non-inventoried items assigned to a user like, batteries, mounts, or parts with no serial numbers or asset tags?
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You can create assets to all these devices (they have serials from the vendor, iE if they have a barcode)
Assign these items to inventoried items (batteries, docks, screens are obvious)
Answered 08/07/2018 by: Nico_K
Red Belt

  • I am not sure I am following you. I have a camera with serial number, this is an asset and a device. I want to assign a item that is not any of those at this time. say I have 10 straps for the camera. I would like to assign a strap and then see I only have 9 left. I do not care to know anything about the strap other then I assign one and I have one less. This way I can track how often one is lost, and needs replaced.
    Consumable Items more or less.
    I am not sure what you mean by Inventoried items
    • right now the appliance does not support a countable amount:

      You create (using a label printer for instance) labels with a barcode or QR code.
      label your cables and add them to the inventory.
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