I have created Custom Rule on Dell Kace K1000 to avoid reinstallation of application.

(i) How do I know if it works? I have tried running running 'Kdeploy -custominventory' on client PC via windows command prompt. It does not seem to work.

(ii) If condition is true, it will not proceed with installation?

(iii) What is the commonly used rule to avoid reinstallation? Registry, files and directories, etc??

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  • You will have to share the details of your rule before we can take a look ;o)

    Usually, if you follow best practice for creation of the managed installation, as taught by your JS trainer, then you attach the msi to the correct version of the software inventory item. That way when the KBox runs the Managed installation it looks for that item of Software Inventory to appear and will not reinstall.

    If you have not done that then you can prevent re-installation attempts by using labels and smart labels correctly. But if you share the details that would be good.
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