Hi all,

just curious as to how long everyone else is finding it takes them to deploy images to a Dell Latitude 10 ST2?

We created a new basic image with just some Windows updates and a single program install, captured it as a K-Image (approx. 6 GB), and then deployed it back out to two Latitude 10 ST2's and one took 4 hours, the other 3.5 hours.

This was on the docking station, with one cabled to an edge switch, and one cabled into the core.

We're also finding capturing an image from a tablet also takes a long time. It took 3 hours to capture the K-Image this morning, and I am in the middle of capturing the same thing as a WIM image and it's approaching 3 hours with no end in sight.

Thanks in advance for any responses, and please do ask if I have not provided a piece of information.

Kind regards,

-- Danny

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  • what OS version and PE version for the KBE. uefi or legacy drive settings. did you add the nic drives for these to the kbe or did it work already?
  • Hi, thanks for your comment. KBE for 8.1, rebuilt after adding 3, 4 and 5 PE packages, then boot stick made off of new package. UEFI boot. No additional drivers were needed to allow booting from the dock.
  • Hi danleesmith, we have 10 Latitude 10 ST2's. We had this same issue on release. They take an absurd amount of time to capture and deploy.

    Luckily we only have 10 and haven't had to re-image since. Have you tried a scripted install? From memory I believe a scripted install was significantly faster.
    • Hi, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately it is one of our main devices, although now it's been replaced for the Venue 11, which we have a few of so far but haven't tested the difference in deploy time. Saying that though, the ones we have of those so far are i5 models, not the atom's we will buy when the Lat 10's or older need upgrading.

      I used a scripted install to start building a base image and it took 40 minutes to deploy but that was with no tasks, just booting into the KBE, kicking off the scripted install, and then following the regular Windows setup screens. So that was a LOT faster. But capturing a K-Image took 3 hours, a WIM 4 hours (reckons it's supposed to be faster?) and the deploy time was far too long. I guess it's something to do with the hardware then. I tried to test a USB gigabit Ethernet adaptor to see if it was a driver issue with the dock, but then it wouldn't boot from that device, so couldn't test that theory.


      -- Danny
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In my testing with the ST2, a WIM capture deployed via USB yielded the fastest deployment speeds. It's also a bit more convenient since you don't have to mess with a dock or ethernet dongle to get it connected to the K2000. If you do go that route, make sure you include the drivers for the ST2 on your USB drive per  http://www.kace.com/support/resources/kb/SolutionDetail?sol=SOL111365
Answered 06/13/2014 by: warmep
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