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I was wondering if it is possible for external users to reply to an email ticket and KACE will update the ticket?

For example, our KACE appliance is using the following domain @mycompany.com. All users within the domain are able to reply to an open ticket and KACE will update it perfectly fine. Now if we were to CC an external address such as @gmail.com. We discovered it cannot send to an external address. Some sort of remote mail server error unable to relay.

Is there any information how to set this part of the Service Desk? The reason being is we do have multiple vendors we work with, and we would like to open a ticket internally and CC them on it. That way they can receive and reply to that ticket for an audit trail.

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Do you have the accept emails from unknown users on.  Otherwise you would have to have an account in your Address book for these accounts.

Answered 12/08/2014 by: Ty
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  • I do. I did that previously to allow users within the domain to reply to the ticket and update. Otherwise, it only allow users with KACE account can update the ticket. Now I am extending the service by allowing external email addresses. That is where I am stuck.
Do you have the ability to send to remote addresses.  You can test this under Settings | support | Diagnostic utilities.  If you can do that, i'm thinking would have to create an account for the external users.

Answered 12/08/2014 by: Ty
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  • Yep. I did that and received a routing error. I cannot paste the screenshot to this post. The error is:

    OG: MAIN
    ** {email}@gmail.com R=smart_route T=remote_smtp: SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<{email}@gmail.com>: host mycompany.com [*.*.*.*]: 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay
    • looks like this is your problem. maybe your ports are being blocked. Below is the ports that need to be open.
      • I believe it has something to do with routing from our Exchange Server. Even to get the internal email to work I had to create hub transport and many other items in other KACE articles. I will probably open a ticket with KACE to assist.