Thank you in advance for looking at this.  I know almost nothing about SQL and I have been so impressed that you brilliant people are willing to take the time to help me through some of my struggles with making the KACE work for me.

I have set up a ticket queue with status options of NEW TICKET. OPENED, WAITING ON USER RESPONSE, and closed.

We use the WAITING ON USER RESPONSE when we need more information from the ticket submitter before we can help with their issue.  The problem is we will respond to the ticket and then it might be days before we get an answer from the ticket submitter.

I would like to be able to manually change the status to WAITING ON USER each time we ask for information from the user.  Then, have the KACE automatically send a reminder every couple of days that we are waiting on an answer before we can help with the issue.

Ideally, the email would go out to the ticket submitter and the assigned technician.

I tried to be clear as possible but if I have left something out or if you have any questions I will be monitoring so I can add information if necessary.

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Ok, so if I get this right you want to have an email sent when the ticket is in the status of WAITING ON USER RESPONSE

You should be able to do this easily enough with a ticket rule, on the first screen select

When the Status = Waiting on User Response

Then on the next screen leave the query blank as you do not actually want to update anything in the ticket, you just want to generate an email.

Once you are in your ticket rule you will then be able to tick the box that generates the email "email each recipient in query results, use the variable OWNER_EMAIL in the "Column containing email addresses" box and build your email out.

Finally set the rule to run everyday on a schedule.

the next result is the ticket rule will run every day and if a ticket is in the on hold status as defined the technician will get an email.
Answered 01/29/2016 by: Hobbsy
Red Belt

  • This is working! Thank you so much. Is there a way to customize the email with ticket variables? I would like to say This is an email from "NAME OF SERVICE DESK" regarding "TICKET NUMBER" etc.
    • You can use ticket variables in the subject or body. IE [Support Ticket:$id] $title would display [Support Ticket: 5500 Password Reset if placed in the subject of the e-mail rule above.
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