Alright, I'd like to preface this with a big bold "I'm incredibly new to KACE" 

Basically I've just been tasked with learning the systems in downtime.  

Now that that is out of the way, I've over the past 6 months learned my way around it fairly well I believe.


I tried to make a few nice little scripts to deploy a theme pack and modify the registry.  Both went perfectly, and everything is great when running them via "Limit deployments to specific machines" individually.

Then I attempted to use a label use the "Limit Deployment to Labels" function, I have made a label and I have both scripts added to it.  I add the label to my test machine and nothing happens.  The scripts just never run.  The scripts are both enabled but nothing happens.  Doing this with managed installs on a label, they go almost instantly, or at least the next time the agent checks in.  I just can't figure this one out.  Can anyone tell me the trick to getting scripts to run when applied via labels?  Is there something here that I am just missing about label functions and how they automate managed installations and scripts?

As a side note, anyone know why I had to create a spam question and then edit it with the current question you see here?  I was getting nothing but "OOPS! An error has occurred" for the first dozen times trying to submit this, then I just made a question that spammed "test" and it worked.
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When you assign the script to the label you also have to assign the run schedule.  Down in the scheduling section you can choose to run at logon, boot, once at checking, etc.

You also have to choose the Enabled check box.

Answered 06/20/2014 by: JordanNolan
Fourth Degree Black Belt

  • I've been trying to set it to once, however every time I enter that it will revert the label back to "do not schedule"

    The other problem with the schedule options is I don't want the script to ever repeat, as it is forced to leave the themes window open the moment it is applied.
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If you want to run the script immediately, it doesn't matter if its enabled or disabled.  As long as you have it targeted to a label and machines are assigned to that label, you can just click on the run now button at the bottom.  You can also do a Run Now from the Run Now Page.  You can check the status via the Run Now Status page which might give you more info as to whether it ran and failed or just didn't run.

If you want to run the script on an interval, you would need to schedule it and it has to be enabled. 

Answered 06/20/2014 by: nimexx
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  • I know you can use run now, that's how I verified they work. I'm hoping to use the label system so I don't have to babysit batch deployments.
    • Run now works with labels. If you want to be automated you have to schedule it.
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