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We recently upgraded to K2000 v.6.0.425
I created Win10 KBE for Win10 v1803.
Created a new Win10 LTSB 2016 image for VDI; barebone image, no bloatware.
I used the following recommendations/settings from Microsoft to optimize an image for VDI from link below:

Now, Sysprep Executor v. in a constant loop; it states "KACE Agent detected" with red x. I select <Fix Issues>, however it constantly returns to "KACE Agent detected", select <Fix Issues>.
I've created images successfully before and after upgrade to K2000 v.6  How do I resolve this; break this loop ?

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  • Make sure the KACE SMA Agent is not part of the golden Image.

    Fix issue is probably attempting to uninstall it, you will have do it manually.


    Remember the AMPTools.exe location changed in 8.x versions

  • Stopping and removing the KACE Agent worked; allowed me to continue Sysprep Executor. However, this was a new image created with VM and only 2 apps installed for VDI. For some reason AFTER the K2000 upgrade to v.6, sysprep_creator_installer v. will not stop/delete the KACE Agent during Sysprep Executor process. What changed ? Why must I manually stop Amptools.exe and remove the C:\Program Files (x86)\Quest\KACE folder ?
    • CGonza, this has nothing to do with the 6.0 upgrade, the Sysprep Executor tool is completely separate from that. This could be an issue of an updated agent moving locations, so it is not being successfully uninstalled. I will look into this, apologies.
      • I appreciate the timely response. Also, The Sysprep Executor is looking to stop/remove the agent from "C:\Program Files (x86)\DELL\Kace", the location is really "C:\Program Files (x86)\QUEST\Kace". Why DELL, not QUEST ?
      • We used to be owned by Dell, so that was the path of the agent. All my work is on the K2000, so I was unaware the path was changed.
  • I would add to use a KBE that is created with the 1803 ADK tools as well, using other versions of ADK have shown some odd behaviors at times. Just changing to the 1803ADK resolved them.
  • KBE for Win10 v1803 was the first thing created with the 1803 ADK prior to the "gold image".

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