We got with Dell about getting someone to our location to help us with using KACE, do some training with some of our support folks, and work on better-organizing all of our systems using smart labels and standard labels.

We were told that the best option would be a staff aug for a week. That sounds like a great plan to me, but I was wondering if anyone else has done this before and can give a short explanation of what to expect.

Things that I'm concerned about:

1. The person we get to come out and help us out isn't competant or isn't very familiar with KACE, it's honestly a concern for me.

2. The person we get is going to concern themselves more with selling us professional services or some other Dell product instead of working with us to do some training and as an expert rescource on all things KACE.

3. The solutions and recommendations that the aug provides are not throught through, ie: the recommendations aren't scalable, they cause problems in the long run, they will cost tons of time and/or money to maintain etc..

Does anyone have any experiances or know the people who are filling staff aug roles?


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  • Can't comment about that, but their JumpStart was more than enough to get us going. I highly recommend it to anyone considering it.
  • Our trainer tried to drag the training so we would need to buy more hours. One call to our dell\kace rep solved that immediately. Was well worth it.

    Get the demo and play around first so you know what areas you are weak in and have them focus more time on those.
  • I would agree the jump start is a good place to start. I also just attended a bootkamp in NYC which is also worth it. The group was small so it was a great opportunity to interact with the two kace trainers.
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