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Our users will be using the software library to do installs the majority of the time. We are currently migrating off of a Zenworks 7 infrastructure. Our users are used to instantaneous results when clicking an install.
My problem is when they install from the user portal it takes almost a minute before runkbot.exe runs, then kdeploy.exe. Then the install begins generally using /qb-! so they can at least see some progress. I've unchecked "Don't replicate associated files", but since it is usually just one MSI it doesn't make a huge difference.

I know this might be a long shot, but thought I would ask. Before I am asked.

Also, what is the best way to get rid of the CMD screen that pops up during install?
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The bad news is that Portal installs always pull from the appliance, rather than the replication shares. I believe this is targeted for enhancement soon. I don't have details on when though. The CMD window is a bug that should also be addressed soon. I would highly encourage adding/voting for Portal enhancements at http://kace.uservoice.com

There are some workarounds that might help, but most are kludgey at best. Such as pre-copying files to workstations and having the payload on the appliance simply be a batch file that launches from the precopy; the obvious downside is you'd be copying installers to workstations that might never run the self-install.

Best workaround I've seen is to note in the notes field a time estimate for the installer to start and a time estimate for completion. This sets expectations for users that it's a lot like downloading something from the internet- it might take a moment :)
Answered 03/29/2012 by: cblake
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  • Yeah notating is all I have right now. Here's to hoping that they read before installing!

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Depending on how you configured your software you shouldn't have a cmd pop up. Are you using an "install" or a "script" for them to install the software? Also what version of the client are you using?
Answered 03/29/2012 by: dchristian
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  • 5.3.47657. I am using "install", but working for a hospital some of these apps I think were made in some guys basement, so I usually have everything zipped with a CMD running the install.